Activities For Inside

A Trip To The Supermarket

The first thing you need when you go shopping is a shopping trolley. You can build this using a cardboard box. If you don't have any cardboard at home, then you can try asking at the supermarket. Next up, your parents need to saw off four matching strips of wood - two for the front and two for the back. At the front, one strip of wood goes inside the shopping trolley and the other should be placed outside and screwed to the strip of wood that is already inside. Repeat the process with the two strips of wood for the back of the trolley. Now screw the four small trolley wheels to the strips of wood on the bottom of the trolley.

Building the trolley's handle is the next part. Cut 3 strips of card (the stronger the better), roll them tightly together and use gaffer tape to hold the strips in place. Remove the lid from the cardboard box and make a hole in the two smaller lids. Then, using a glue gun, attach these two 'lids' to the side of your trolley so that they are pointing diagonally upwards. Now insert the handle through the holes.

Of course, you also need a seat for your cuddly toy. Using more remains from a cradboard box, cut out enough material so that it fits nicely inside the trolley and then fold it into a U-shape so that there is a surface for your cuddly shopping helper to sit on, a surface to stick to the trolley itself and a surface that acts as a backrest. Now make two leg holes in the seat and attach the two sides together with string so that the seat can be pulled out and pushed together. Then you're ready to glue the seat to the trolley. As a finishing touch, you can, of course, decorate the trolley however you wish.

Finally, it's time to go shopping - ideally with toy groceries but, if not, then why not unpack and re-pack the cupboards! Of course there are other potential uses for your shopping trolley. There's nothing more fun than being pushed around the house for example. If you have siblings and build a second trolley, you can even have a race. However you use your shopping trolley, we hope you have fun!

You will need:

  • A cardboard box (available in most supermarkets)
  • 2 wooden panels
  • 4 small wheels (from the DIY store)
  • 16 wooden screws
  • Gaffer tape
  • A second (smaller) cardboard box (perhaps from the last thing you bought online)
  • String
  • A cordless screwdriver with the matching attachment
  • A saw