Honing Your Skills

Special Agent Training In The Laser Room

An idea by Kathrin Völker-Krause

Have you always wanted to know how special agents train their mind, strengthen their skills and expand their skills? Now you too can have a go at becoming a special agent. If you're a budding special agent, you have to take every opportunity to train. Being stuck within the four walls of your own house is no excuse. In fact any room or indeed the hallway is the perfect location. All you then need is a ball of wool. Simply go around the room and tie the wool with tight knots to solid objects. Some should be higher up and some should be lower down so that you have to climb and duck. If there are no solid objects that won't fall down, then use masking tape to stick the wool to the wall. At the end, you should have a large net made up of multiple threads.

Now the training can begin. Each wool thread is a laser beam and must not be touched under any circumstances. Your job is to cross the laser room without making any contact with the laser beams. Not only will you need a high degree of fitness and agility but also a great deal of cunning and patience. The course can be mastered alone, in pairs or with your whole family. You could also make things harder by competing against the clock or trying to transport objects from A to B.

You will need

  • A hallway or room  
  • Ball of wool or other long string  
  • Masking tape or other strong adhesive tape
  • Not essentials but bells would be a great addition