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The "pas de trois" Association

Clubs & Organisations

A variety of associations, organisations and initiatives are part of the events we have to offer, especially during the afternoons and evenings. Educational spare-time activities in workshops, studios and media rooms are offered by recognised independent sponsors who work with children.

Sports organisations and associations offer various training programmes in the swimming and sports halls, while others invite you to observe and get involved in how they develop the practices they bring to the FEZ Berlin. We also have tour operators working on site who organise trips for children, adolescents, families and language practice.

So no matter how much the interests and requirements of the FEZ Berlin's visitors may vary, the activities and events we run are guaranteed to offer something for everyone. Just give something a try!


Berliner Kinder- und Jugendballett "pas de trois" e.V.

Dance courses in two studios, with performances

Contact: Dan Mitrea
Tel: +49 (0)30-53071-408,-592
Email: dan.mitrea(at)

Contact: Jürgen Andersohn
Email: juergen.andersohn(at) 
Tel: +49 (0)30-6595017

Contact: Ellen Darmer
Tel: +49 (0)30-53071-408,-592
Email: Ellen(at)

Kinderfilm Berlin e.V.

For information about cinema, school
projects and children's birthdays, please
visit our website:

Contact: Olaf Stein
Tel: +49 (0)30-53071-268
Email: info(at) 

Kinderliedarchiv e.V.

Task group to build a children's song archive in Berlin
Kinderliedarchiv e.V.
c/o. Landesmusikakademie Berlin

Contact: Borris Horschmüller
Tel: +49 (0)30-53071 197
Email: kinderliedarchiv(at)

Kinder- und Jugendkeramik im FEZ e.V.

Open group and course events for children, teenagers and adults. Also children's birthday parties.
Contact: Irmtraud Charlier, Antje Domachalsky
Tel: +49 (0)30-53071-479
Email: info(at) 

Schirm e.V.

Building, handicrafts and make-up
Contact: Petra Stiller
Tel: +49 (0)30-53071 541
Email: doertipettra(at)


Action-Sport Berlin

W. Fischer Tauchsport GmbH
Contact: Wilfried Fischer
Tel: +4930-5088-113
Email: info(at)

Freizeitsportschule Zorn

Diving, finswimming and swimming training
Contact: Jörg Zorn
Mobile: 0151-1525 3665
Email: joerg_zorn(at)

Gesundheitssport Berlin Hirschgarten e.V.

Rehabilitation and risk prevention activities, rehabilitative and special swimming courses for children
Contact: Stefan Teich, Petra Bartholomäus
Tel: +4930-92215-584
Email: gesundheitssport-ev(at), teichstefan1(at)

Kletterwald Wuhlheide

Contact: Henrike Janczik
Tel: +4930-30135-267
Mobile: 0176-2345 1933
Email: info(at) 

Köpenicker SV Neptun

Berlin von 1889 e.V. ‒ Swimming
Contact: Andrej Klinke
Tel: +4930-68077-597
Email: a.klinke(at)

Contact: Nils Janßen
Tel: 0152-2878 0160
Email: n.janssen(at)

Köpenicker SV Ajax Neptun

Berlin 1879 e.V. ‒ Triathlon
Contact: Peter Schlotte
Tel: +4930-6573-711
Email: p.schlotte(at)

Contact: Dirk Petermann
Mobile: 0178-1442 269
Email: dpetermann(at)

Köpenicker SV Ajax-Neptun

Berlin 1879 e.V. ‒ Aqua Fitness
Contact: Carmen Hoffmann
Mobile: 0173-6510 831
Email: pool-carmen(at)

Contact: Simon Gora
Mobile: 0173-6025 645
Email: s.gora(at)

Triathlon Verein Berlin 09 e.V.

Contact: Sebastian Hauer
Mobile: 0179-5330 317
Email: info(at), sport(at)

Contact: Oliver Harms
Mobile: 0176-20375 243
Email: harms.oliver(at)

Seesportclub Berlin-Grünau e.V.

Contact: Robert Schaddach
Tel: +4930-6743-458
Email: sscbg(at)

Contact: Marcel Dufft
Mobile: 0162-3053 293
Email: marcel.dufft(at)

Natsens Sport & Leisure

Learn-to-swim courses for children, school swimming
Contact: Joachim Frank
Tel: +4930-24638-858
Mobile: 0172-3883 577
Email: natsens(at), info(at)

SG FEZ Wuhlheide e.V.

Acrobatics & circus art section
Acrobatics, trampoline, floor gymnastics, circus, unicycle, trapeze
For children aged 4 and up and adults
Contact: Mario Walther
Tel: +4930-56583-579
Mobile: 0172-3966 745
Email: fezakrobaten(at)

Sportfreunde FEZ Berlin e.V.

Contact: Thomas Gerhard (Badminton)
Email: Thomas.Gerhard(at)

Contact: Frank Hürdler
Tel: +4930-53071-160
Email: f.huerdler(at)

Contact: Rainer Gusewski (Table Tennis)
Tel: +4930-5120-075
Email: rainer.gusewski(at)

Schwimm-Club Ostend 1910 e.V.Contact: Volko Kucher

Contact: Martina Kadalowski
Tel: 032224-307 164
Email: info(at)
Contact: Michael Kleineberg
Tel: 0173-6272 978
Email: Michael.Kleineberg(at)

Tauchclub fez e.V.

Contact: Volko Kucher
Tel: +4930-5535-853
Mobile: 0171-4414 854
Email: trainer(at), volko.kucher(at)

Volkshochschule Treptow-Köpenick

Aqua gymnastics
Contact: Hansine Krause
Tel: +4930-902974-065
Email: hansine.krause(at)  

Science & Technology

500mm Feldbahnprojekt e.V.

Construction, maintenance and operation of the light railway, light railway museum, model railway

Contact: Frank Tinius
Tel: +4930-53071-579
Email: f.tinius(at)

Contact: Heiko Folde
Tel: +4930-53071-579
Email: info(at)

FEZ Eisenbahnmodellbauclub Berlin

Model railway club
Contact: Frank Tinius
Tel: +4930-53071-533
Email: f.tinius(at)
Email: info(at)


JugendTechnikSchule im FEZ
A project of tjfbg gGmbH

Youth technology school, electronics & robotic centre, model building
Contact: Sieghard Scheffczyk
Tel: +4930-53071-345 
Email: post(at)   



ASB Wasserrettungsdienst LV Berlin e.V.

RV Nordost Abt. Kl. Müggelsee
Contact: Steffen Schlopsnies
Mobile: 0172-3922 492 (please use the answering machine if nobody picks up!)
Email: steffen.schlopsnies(at)

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz

Kreisverband Müggelspree e.V.
Contact: Sandra Bögner
M: 0176-70023 822
Email: s.boegner(at)

Freunde des FEZ e.V.

Friends' association
Contact: Manfred Bisanz
Tel: +4930-51063-702 
Email: mbisanz(at)

ProWuhlheide e.V.

Park management
Contact: Sabine Nebelung, Angelika Lessnick
Tel: +4930-53071-505
Email: s.nebelung(at), info(at)

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