FEZitty - The Capital City For Children

Mondays to Fridays, from 24th June to 2nd August

Berlin's best summer holidays!
Coming to FEZitty gives you a unique opportunity to help run a city. No matter whether you become the mayor, a town planner for the Tiny Town neighbourhood, a water board officer, a gardener or one of the many other available occupations, your role is vital. more...

Berlin Mayor Visits FEZitty

On 3rd July, the current Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, visited the Capital City For Children.
The mayor was greeted by the current children's mayor in FEZitty, Mia G and managing director of the FEZ Berlin, Thomas Liljeberg-Markuse. After the welcome, he was taken on a tour of the children's city and shown what the citizens of FEZitty have been building. A few images of the state visit can be found here...

Circus By The Sea

Saturdays & Sundays, 22nd June to 4th August

Berlin's best summer holidays!
Summer holiday fun for all the family every weekend.
With the start of the summer holidays, it's time for the young people of Berlin to hone their circus skills and put on a show! Combining the joy of performance and the ultimate holiday feeling, seven consecutive weekends of circus fun await families and their children in and around one big circus tent. more...

Mitwelt Festival

Sat 10th + Sun 11th August

The 1st festival of sustainability for children and families. Discover different forms of sustainabiliry and what a variety of people are doing to protect the environment. more...

Children's Birthdays At The FEZ

Treat your child with something special on their birthday. Choose from a variety of options including 'Treasure Hunts in the Fairytale Woods', 'Felty Flower Dreams on the Eco Island', Storybook Cinema and Geocaching more..

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All Educational Activities

The FEZ Berlin acts as a curriculum partner for schools in the region. more…

DLR_Space_Travel_Show - A Trip to the Moon

28th to 30th October 2019
recommended for classes 3-6 (ages 8-12)

A 90-minute show screened twice daily. A science programme featuring experiments to join in with and a series of stunning pictures taken from space. more..

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Fixing the FEZ Fountain

Just like the FEZ itself, the fountain is 40 years old. And yet it's been 6 years since water flowed there. With the 40th birthday coming up, we're more desperate than ever to get the unique centrepiece running again. That's why the donation campaign has now gone into a second round. more...


Changing the world with art

As signatories representing the Berlin theatre, art and culture institutions, we would like to make a clear statement. more...