The FEZ Berlin is Europe's biggest non-profit children's, youth and family centre. It offers creative play, fun and relaxation and combines education, experience and culture within its program. Its focal areas of Global Learning, Education on Sustainable Development, European and International Education and Cultural Education offer a unique spectrum of content. More information about the FEZ

In particular, the FEZ has an inherent policy of encouraging diversity and welcoming everyone. It aims to be a place of open dialogue among all cultures where everyone can meet and make new friends from many different backgrounds.

A Journey Through Time For Families

Berlin's best summer holiday event!

Alongside '1517 - A Journey Through Time', each family weekend during the summer holidays will also see a range of family activities on offer that are related to the game. Children, families and friends are warmly invited. more...

A Journey Through Time

Berlin's best summer holiday event!
Taking place in Berlin's summer holidays is the "A Journey Through Time - 1517" event. Go back a few hundred years in time to experience a middle-aged settlement and take an active role in its running. In the event of rain, an indoor version of the game will be available. Pre-registered groups receive priority entrance! more...