Hooray! We're back!

...and can't wait to see you!

Game Of FEZ - Frenetic, Epic, Zany

Sat 15th + Sun 16th & Sat 22nd + Sun 23rd August, from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Since it's been so lovely in the FEZ outdoors, we've decided to continue. Game Of FEZ will now take place for the next two weekends. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can take a boat trip, build a knight's castle, discover our adventure island, take part in a digital puzzle game and much more. That true holiday feeling in the heart of Berlin. more...

Build @ Do The FEZ!

Sat 29th + Sun 30th August and Sat 5th+ Sun 6th September

Put on your helmets and open up the toolbox!

Building sites can hold a special fascination for children and now it's their turn to see one at close quarters. It might sound like work to some, but for our FEZ guests, it's pure adventure for the whole family. more...

Open Air Theatre & Concerts

Sat + Sun from 15th August to 6th September

Look forward to a summer featuring Pippi Longstocking and rocking outdoor concerts. Both the sometimes unpredictable but always friendly Pippi and concerts with Suli Puschban, Robert Metcalf, Ich & Herr Meyer and the Atze Musiktheater will be live on our Water Stage in the inner courtyard of the FEZ Berlin more...

Mitwelt Festival

Sat 12th September, 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm | Sun 13th September, 12:00 - 6:00 pm

A sustainability festival for kids, families and everyone looking for the good life!
Look forward to seven futuristic playrooms with lots to discover, design and delight. Featuring cool music, games for kids and plenty of inspiration for sustainable living - both at home and in the city. more...

Swim Where The Fun Is!

Relax on the white sand and play in the clear waters of the lake!

The FEZ beach is open at the following times:
From 14th to 30th August: Friday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Hygiene regulations must be observed in the changing areas including the wearing of a mask. Last entry is 60 minutes before closing. Tickets must be bought online in advance: Online Tickets

Ticket Shop

Avoid long, snaking queues!

Tickets must be bought online prior to each event and are valid for a 3-hour time period.

The stress-free way to buy tickets. Visit the FEZ online ticket shop here...

Escape To Freedom For Families

From 5th September
On weekends

An interactive exhibition for the whole family to go in search of freedom. Five escape rooms await your team, each with its own unique and creative scenario for you to decode. As you look closely at every detail to try and solve each puzzle, you'll find yourself questioning the concept of freedom more closely than ever before. more...

Orbitall World Of Adventure

From Saturday 5th September
Each weekend

Undertake a breathtaking trip across the universe in the FEZ.'s Orbitall Centre. You'll learn how astronauts prepare for a mission, what life is like on the International Space Station, carry out experiments and have lots of fun. more...

Extra-Curricular Activities For The 2020/21 School Year

Lessons with a difference. The FEZ's extra-curricular activities for schools are half-day, full-day or multiple-day projects aimed at pupils. The FEZ Berlin is an educational partner for schools in the region. more...

Berlin State Academy Of Music - Programme

The 2020 programme is once again choc-a-bloc with over 125 challenging and coulourful courses. Featuring festivals, workshops and seminars on instruments, singing, percussion, studio work, using the body and much more. more...

Extra-Curricular Newsletter

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FEZ@Home - Bringing The FEZ To You

If you can't come to the FEZ, we'll bring the FEZ to you! 
From now on, we'll be publishing interesting, games, ideas, tips and tricks to keep you entertained and maintain the FEZ spirit. You can do them with your siblings, your parents or, in some cases, on your own. 
Try them out, get involved and let us know on Facebook if you enjoyed them.
Hopefully, this way, we'll miss each other a little bit less. Have fun and see you soon in the FEZ! 
Take a look at our collection of games, arts and crafts and learning...

Want To Go On A Trip?

Then grab some chalk, get hold of your parents and go out onto the street. We can't wait to see where your travels take you!

More FEZ@Home Challenges can be found here...

A Game Of Freedom

An action game for 2 teams

Have you already been to visit our Escape To Freedom exhibition? Not yet? Well the exhibition might currently be closed, but we're still able to show you what are currently like in the Alice Museum For Children. more...

The new Game Of Freedom - Part 2 is here for a new adventure. Take part...