Sat 28th January to Sunday 5th February 2023

Raketen Erna on Wed 1st February at 11am

Welcome To The FEZ Berlin

Browse our current programme at the FEZ. 

Refugee families with children receive free entry.

Ми вітаємо Вас в розважальному центрі "FEZ". Будь ласка проінформуйтеся про правила гігієни у нашому закладі. Для сімей біженців з дітьми вхід безкоштовно. більше..

Please continue to consider your own health and the health of those around you. We recommend you wear a mask when inside the FEZ building.

New Caterers Wanted!

The FEZ Berlin is looking for a new gastroservice or caterer to provide a wide range of fresh and healthy meals and snacks to our many guests. If you can provide an excellent and sustainable service, please register your interest and request the detailed document about gastronomy at the FEZ by 23rd February 2023.

Berlin's Best Winter Holidays

Sat 28th January to Sun 5th February
Magical Winter Holidays for Children aged 6+.

The famous school of witchcraft and wizardry is opening its doors again in the FEZ Berlin. Turn up dressed for the occasion as a wizard, witch, fairy or other magical creature and learn all the secrets of the wizarding world.
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World In Pixels

For young gamers, makers and their parents
Sat 11th + Sun 12th & Sat 18th + Sun 19th February from 12pm to 6pm
Recommended for ages 5+

Watch out! It's time for the digital world to take over in the FEZ! Become a maker and programme your own games. Bring robots to life and build handmade virtual reality glasses. Online Tickets Only

Netzwerk Der Wärme - The FEZ Is Involved!

Mon-Fri, 9am to 9pm (Only on weekdays and not between 28th January and 5th February)
Mon-Fri, Performance in FEZino at 3:15 pm (Free entry!) 
The price increases for gas and electricity are a major concern for most of us. Families in particular are likely to be affected. Therefore, we invite families to pop in, watch a film and enjoy a hot drink.

Orbitall World Of Adventure

Sat, Sun & Public Holidays
Recommended for ages 8+

Climb aboard the spaceship and undertake a breathtaking journey across the universe. See what life is like aboard the International Space Station, experiment and have fun!
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Astrid Lindgren Stage

The Astrid Lindgren Stage opens the world of theatre to children of all ages. It's a world full of fantasy, adventure, music and poetry. There's space for 550 inside and a variety of productions, musicals and concerts take place here every year. View Schedule

Swim At The FEZ

The FEZ pool is open!

Tickets are available exclusively from the FEZ box office on the day.

Opening Hours & Prices

Susi & Us: To Look Or To Look Away

Sat, Sun & Public Holidays
Recommended for ages 10+

An exhibition based on the book "Susi, die Enkelin von Haus Nummer 4". Intervene or ignore? This new exhibition in the Children's Museum deals with the topics of bravery and civil courage.
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Solidarity With Ukraine

The FEZ Berlin is shocked at Putin's attack on Ukraine.
We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine as well as with those in Russia protesting the invasion. We share a common wish for peace, unity and democracy.

If you want to help people fleeing Ukraine click here.

Вітаємо у FEZ-Берлін

FEZ- Берлін – це місце із найрізноманітнішими пропозиціями для розваг та навчання і Берліні. Під його дахом зібрані розмаїті ігрові, навчальні та культурні програми для будь-якого віку. Ми раді вітати Вас тут!  Програма
Родини біженців із дітьми можуть відвідати нас безкоштовно.
Refugee families with children receive free entry.

"Healthy Kids" - Health Days At The FEZ

Recommended for classes 5-6 (ages 10-12)
From 17th to 24th June 2023, the Special Olympics World Games are taking place. To mark this event, the FEZ is holding 3 health days where nutrition and sport is the focus. Online Tickets

Extra-Curricular Activities 2022/23

School with a difference?

The FEZ Berlin is a partner for extra-curricular activities for schools in the region. We wish every pupil  a good time. more...


There is no longer an obligation to wear a mask when in the FEZ. Nevertheless, we recommend that you do wear either an FFP2 mask or a medical mask. Please continue to consider your own health and that of those around you.

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Please note that, due to the current Covid-19 situation, tickets for each event are limited. Check our Ticket Shop to see if tickets are still available for the event you wish to attend.