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Look What I Can Do!

Sat 29th February + Sun 1st March
Sat 7th March + Sun 8th March

For families with children aged 1 to 5

With a visit to 'Look What I Can Do', your little ones will be squeaing with delight and beaming with pride as they tackle new experiences, find hidden talents and gain new-found confidence. An event for 1 to 5 year olds to get creative, sporty and musical to their hearts' content. more...

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World Of Sound Music Festival

Sat 14th + Sun 15th March

The Berlin State Academy For Music invites you to a roaring weekend of music in the FEZ Berlin. more...



Berlin Says Danke - And The FEZ Does Too!

The FEZ is also taking part in the scheme that rewards Berlin's volunteers. On 7th March, the first 50 visitors who work as volunteers in the city will receive free entry.

FEZ Events Calendar 2020

Plan your next visit to the FEZ. You can see everything that is going on in 2020 in the FEZ calendar.
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Fancy Working At The FEZ?

The FEZ takes part in various employment promotion schemes (Solidarisches Grundeinkommen – SGE) and is able to offer a variety of full-time and part-time roles. more...





Changing the world with art

As signatories representing the Berlin theatre, art and culture institutions, we would like to make a clear statement. more...


Girl's Day

Thurs 26th March

Girl's Day promotes equal opportunites and greater diversity..
In particular, this annual day of action sees schoolgirls given the opportunity to try out professions and subjects where the proportion of women is below 40%. The day is aimed at girls in grade 5 (10 years) and up. more...

One Billion Rising

Review 2020

Thousands of women, girls, men and boys took to the streets on 14th February to demand an end to violence against women. The event at Brandenburg Gate featured lots of dancing and the FEZ was also there together with 300 school pupils who studied the topic in an FEZ project day in January.

Escape To Freedom - A Real-Time Adventure Where Teamwork Is Key

It's all about freedom in 2019 in the Alice Museum for Children. When am I free? What limits my freedom? What do we mean by freedom today? more...

Astrid Lindgren Stage

The Astrid Lindgren Stage opens the world of theatre, adventure, fantasy, music and poetry to children. With space for 550 people, this is the place to watch theatre shows, musical productions and concerts. View schedule

Swim Where The Fun Is!

Swimming is a great way to keep fit and not for nothing is it one of the most popular sports among both adults and children. Please note the changes to the opening times. more...



Orbitall World Of Adventure

Undertake a breathtaking flight across the universe in the Orbitall Centre on weekends. Experience how astronauts prepare for a flight, see what life is like on the International Space Station, and, above all, have fun! more...

Educational Activities For Primary & Secondary Schools - Schedule For 2019/20

Lessons with a difference! These educational activities can be spread out over half a day, a full day or several days. The FEZ Berlin is your regional partner for activities to accompany the school curriculum. more...

Primary School Theatre Days

Project Day (A)
Tues 2nd + Wed 3rd June
Project Day (B)
Thurs 4th + Fri 5th June

Recommended for primary schools
Starke Kinder – "… sei frech und wild und wunderbar!" ... more...

Educational Newsletter

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Musical Workshops

Mon 15th - Fri 19th June

The Musical Workshops are taking place for the 28th time. A total of 600 to 700 school pupils are taking part in the week-long project which will see them discover the connecting power of musical teamwork. more...