concentus alius - Homophilharmonisches Orchester Berlin

Sat 25th + Sun 26th May, 10am - 9pm

The Berlin State Music Council is hosting the biggest Berlin Orchestra Meetup yet - this time with 50 ensembles and around 1,400 musicians. Taking place in the Berlin State Academy of Music and across stages and concert halls in the FEZ, everyone is invited to listen to some very talented musicians and take part in workshops and rehearsals aimed at all the family. more...

The complete event schedule for the FEZ is available here...

Long Day of Nature in the City

Sat 26th May

Organiser: Stiftung Naturschutz Berlin
The FEZ Berlin is taking part in the Long Day of Nature in the City. We extend a warm invitation to children and families to discover some of the interesting things on our Eco Island. more...

Adventures of Do The FEZ!

Thurs 30th + Fri 31st May and Sat 8th until Tues 11th June
On your marks, get set, go!
Visit the FEZ and dive into a world brimming with fantasy and adventure. A world of action, energy and entertainment. A world of fun on dry land, on water and in the air. more..

International Children's Day Festival

Sat 1st + Sun 2nd June, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Walk up the red carpet and enter the biggest and best place for having fun in Berlin. Bring your family and friends and enjoy Children's Day in the FEZ. more...

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BUCHBERLINkids – Books Below The Branches

Sat 15th + Sun 16th June, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

A weekend to show children how much fun books and storytelling can be.: The "BUCHBERLINkids – Books Below The Branches" is taking place in the FEZ Berlin. more...

Mitwelt Festival

Sat 10th + Sun 11th August

The 1st festival of sustainability for children and families. Discover different forms of sustainabiliry and what a variety of people are doing to protect the environment. more...

Discover the FEZ Berlin Eco Island

Experience, observe and relax in nature. Learn about environmental processes and carry out your own experiments. All of this and more in the FEZ Eco Island. more…

Astrid Lindgren Stage

The Astrid Lindgren Stage opens the world of theatre, adventure, fantasy, music and poetry to children. With space for 550 people, this is the place to watch theatre shows, musical productions and concerts. ...View schedule

Swim Where The Fun Is!

Swimming is a great way to keep fit and not for nothing is it one of the most popular sports among both adults and children. Please note the changes to the opening times. more...

Orbitall World Of Adventure

Weekends & Public Holidays In Space

Orbitall - Space Travel at the FEZ
Undertake a breathtaking flight across the universe in the Orbitall Centre on weekends. more...

All Educational Activities

The FEZ Berlin acts as a curriculum partner for schools in the region. more…

The Countdown's On: ISS Space Missions

Tues - Fri
(Project, recommended for classes 3 to 6 (ages 8 to 12)

After an introductory talk about astronomy and space travel, our participants will take on a short astronaut training session before embarking on a mission aboard the International Space Station.more…

BUCHBERLINkids - Books Below The Branches

Fri 14th June

An event by the Bücherzauber e.V. aimed at classes 3 to 8 (ages 8 to 14). Bookworms are invited to take part in this special day celebrating many forms of literature.

Save the FEZ Fountain, All Donations Welcome!

The second Crowdfunding camaign has now started with more donations required to save the FEZ's centrepiece. more...

Fixing the FEZ Fountain - Part 2

Just like the FEZ itself, the fountain is 40 years old. And yet it's been 6 years since water flowed there. With the 40th birthday coming up, we're more deserate than ever to get the unique centrepiece running again. That's why the donation campaign has now gone into a second round. more...


Changing the world with art

As signatories representing the Berlin theatre, art and culture institutions, we would like to make a clear statement. more...