YouthCON '23
The Event For You!
Wed 20th & Thurs 21st September

Come & Play! Der Herbst steht auf der Leiter am Welcome in autumn on 23rd & 24th September and 30th September to 3rd October

Exhibition in the Alice Museum For Children
Susi & Us - To Look Or To Look Away

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Ми вітаємо Вас в розважальному центрі "FEZ". більше..


youthCON '23

Wed 20th + Thurs 21th September, 9am to 2pm

At youthCON '23 you are encouraged to get involved, try new things and experiment. It's an event at the FEZ Berlin just for you! Each workshop and activitiy is specifically designed to let you build, research and use your imaginations.
Please register via the online form.

Come & Play!

Sat 23rd + Sun 24th September & Sat 30th September to Tues 3rd October
Recommended for families with children aged 2 to 12

A highly creative programme to mark the start of autumn awaits families who make their way to the FEZ on this weekend. As the most colourful season begins, you can also look forward to a selection of giant games including chess, lego marble runs and memory. Online Tickets

Do The FEZ! In Space!

Sat 7th + Sun 8th October, 12pm to 6pm, ages 2 and up

The Orbitall Space Centre at the FEZ is proud to invite you to its 33rd Space Weekend. Organised in conjunction with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and the DLR School Lab Berlin and based on our Do The FEZ! series of events, its a great day out for all the family. Online Ticket

13th Family Night At The FEZ

Sat 7th October, 6pm to 9pm, ages 6 and up

With a motto of "Families under the night sky" the FEZ's 13th Family Night is taking place in conjunction with Do The FEZ! In Space!. If you haven't got enough space during the day, you have another hours to explore the depths of the universe. Online Ticket

Do The FEZ! In Space! + 13th Family Night

Sat 7th October, 12pm to 9pm, ages 6 and up

To make the most of the day, get the combi ticket and enjoy 2 events in 1!
Do The FEZ! In Space!, 12pm to 6pm + 13th Family Night, 6pm to 9pm 
Online Combi Ticket

Orbitall World Of Adventure

Sat, Sun & Public Holidays | Recommended for ages 8+

Climb aboard the spaceship and undertake a breathtaking journey across the universe. See what life is like aboard the International Space Station, experiment and have fun!
Online Tickets

Swimming At The FEZ

The FEZ indoor pool is open.
Tickets are sold solely from the FEZ box office on site. Opening Hours & Prices

Alice Museum For Children

Susi & Us: To Look Or To Look Away | Recommended for ages 10+
An exhibition based on the book "Susi, die Enkelin von Haus Nummer 4" that deals with the topics of civil courage.
On weekends and public holidays, the museum can be visited at no extra cost if you have a ticket for the main event in the FEZ.

Astrid Lindgren Stage

The Astrid Lindgren Stage opens the world of theatre to children of all ages. It's a world full of fantasy, adventure, music and poetry. There's space for 550 inside and a variety of productions, musicals and concerts take place here every year. View Schedule

Solidarity With Ukraine

The FEZ Berlin is shocked at Putin's attack on Ukraine.
We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine as well as with those in Russia protesting the invasion. We share a common wish for peace, unity and democracy. If you want to help people fleeing Ukraine click here.

Вітаємо у FEZ-Берлін

FEZ- Берлін – це місце із найрізноманітнішими пропозиціями для розваг та навчання і Берліні. Під його дахом зібрані розмаїті ігрові, навчальні та культурні програми для будь-якого віку. Ми раді вітати Вас тут!  Програма

Extra-Curricular Activities 2023/24

School with a difference?

The FEZ Berlin is a partner for extra-curricular activities for schools in the region. We wish every pupil a good time. more...

Astronauts On The ISS

Project Day recommended for classes 5 to 12 (ages 10 to 18)

Pupils who visit the Orbitall Centre can learn all about the different jobs available in the world of space and astronomy. Whether on the rocket itself or in the control centre, pupils can have a go at various roles. Online Tickets.

Halloween Pool Party

Tues 17th to Thurs 19th October
Recommended for classes 5 to 6 (ages 10 to 12)
Welcome to the other side of Dracula! Who would have thought it?! Count Dracula himself has organised a hilarious fancy dress party and invites all of his guests to visit his gruesome water castle. Online Tickets

Barrier-Free Access To The FEZ Berlin

Our mission is to ensure everyone is welcome and catered for at the FEZ Berlin. Subtitles, for example, ensure everyone can participate in the FEZ's events.

Accessible Language

Find out more about the FEZ Berlin with our 'about us' section in easier-to-read, accessible (German) language.

How To Get Here

To avoid traffic stress, we strongly recommend using public transport when attending events in the FEZ Berlin or the Park-Bühne.
Please note: A parking charge of €3 applies on weekends, public holidays, 'bridge days' and other major events due to the large volume of vehicles.

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Please note that there are a limited amount of tickets for each event at the FEZ. Visit our ticket shop to check if tickets are still available for your chosen event.