Youth In The FEZ Berlin

The young people at the FEZ Berlin are almost as diverse as Berlin itself.
Various committees exist where young adults can meet up, discuss ideas, plan projects and enjoy spending time with one another. Read on to find exactly what they do and how you can get involved.

youngprojects (previously known as 'fez-jugend')

The youngprojects team is always on the search for new partners. If you have an exciting idea or belong to an interesting club or association, then please get in touch with us!

A Few insights

We organise events with a focus on developing participation strategies for different formats. There are festivals, livestreams, themed days, projects for school classes and other innovative projects. You can find more information about our projects here.

Visions & Goals

youngprojects implement projects, concentrating on the planning, organising and technical side of things. We work as planners, production managers, project coordinators, technical directors and stage managers.

Project Office

The founding team explains a little bit more about themselves.



The platform for young staff members. The group meet for discussion, project planning and organisation.

Apply Today!

You too can work on these projects in the FEZ. Find out how here...