From left to right: Chris Berghäuser, Falko Liecke, Bernd Grospitz

Solar Offensive: New Photovoltaic System Installed

"Power On!" - The button was pushed on 7th December 2023. 

And with that, the new photovoltaic system was inaugurated at the FEZ by Falko Liecke, State Secretary for Youth & Family, Chris Berghäuser, Managing Director of the FEZ Berlin and Bernd Grospitz, Assistant Chair of the FEZ.   

With almost 1,000 high-performance modules on a roof area of 1,800 m², the FEZ Berlin will be capable of generating around 400,000 kWh per year from renewable energy. That is equivalent to around 20% of the FEZ's energy requirements.

They are located on the roof of the FEZ pool and the multi-purpose hall and, after their completion in September 2023, they came to a total cost of around €600,000. The installed power optimisers reduce all forms of energy loss which occur as a result of mismatch, partial shading or soiling and they meet all fire protection requirements.

Falko Liecke, Berlin State Secretary for Youth & Family:
"Sustainable energy supply is a hot topic of our time and is especially important for younger generations. The new photovoltaic system at the FEZ will make an important contribution to the Berlin-wide aim of obtaining 25% of the city's energy needs from solar energy. The FEZ can therefore act as a model project for other cultural and educational institutions. We want to actively contribute to a climate-friendly energy supply and fulfill our aim of making a serious and meaningful effort towards a climate-neutral era."

For many years, the FEZ Berlin has been focusing on strategies towards modernisation and a green future. In 2011 the building was completely renovated to comply with aims for a sustianable future and an ecological energy concept was developed. The educational and lesiure events and activities for kindergartens, schools and families also routinely include segments which generate awareness for the environment, climate change, healthy eating and sustainable development.

Bernd Grospitz, Assistant Chairperson of the FEZ:
"As a cultural and educational institution for children, young people and families, we feel obliged to commit ourselves to protecting the climate and preparing for a sustainable future. We are delighted that the photovoltaic project could be realised so quickly and we thank our partners for the role they played."

In particular, the FEZ Berlin thanks the Senate Department for Education, Youth & Family, the Gexx aeroSol GmbH group who were responsible for the planning and installation, and the enginerring firm Rudolph who were responsible for the final implementation.