We're looking for new project partners!

The FEZ Berlin and the Berlin State Academy of Music are looking for project partners to join our recently founded FEZ Campus project for up to three months.

For the duration of the project, the FEZ offers partners the use of a presentable, 50m² workroom in the FEZ's main building, free of charge. Also, with prior arrangement partners may also use workroom capacities in the main building's workshops and specialist rooms (e.g. locksmitheries, joineries, training kitchens, recording studios and media labs).

The following conditions apply to the use of rooms:

The FEZ Berlin and Berlin State Academy of Music must deem the project to be transparent and non-suspicious. Projects must also be compatible with the FEZ's working relationships, and the development and results of the work must be documented.

The following projects are suitable for application:

  • artistic projects and projects of cultural education
  • projects for the involvement of children and adolescents
  • projects in the field of education for sustainable development
  • projects for democratic and international education
  • projects for musical education or sharing music with others

Beginning of room use varies. The project will be overseen by a project manager, depending on the nature of its content. A working group within the FEZ Berlin shall decide on the letting of rooms.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Managing Directors' Office / Vanessa Schwierske
T: +4930-53071-202
or v.schwierske(at)fez-berlin.de.

Further information on the FEZ Berlin: www.fez-berlin.de
Further information on the State Academy of Music: www.landesmusikakademie-berlin.de


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