How Do We Travel Now?

A fantasy journey in cardboard

We may not be able to travel at the moment but our imagination can take us on extraordinary journeys. You'll see just how cool it can be! First of all, get your parents or siblings to help you build a vehicle that can whisk you away on an amazing journey. It could be a spaceship, a rocket, a car or a bus - the choice is yours. Cardboard is the chief ingredient as you make your vehicle - you might already have your own ideas. If not use the Internet to find a few ideas. Once you've made your plan, it's time to saw, cut, fold, glue and decorate. Don't forget a steering wheel and the necessary buttons and levers - otherwise you'll stay stuck on the ground.
Now climb aborad and let's get going! A hairdryer will create the feeling of wind as your hair billows out behind you. Depending on where you're going, a bit of perfume, some spices or incense sticks can add to the feeling of being somewhere different. Open the window and breathe in the fresh air. Take it in turns to add details to your fantasy journey or create a story together. Who will you meet along the way? What will you see? Are there obstacles that you need to avoid? Will your vehicle suffer a breakdown that needs to be fixed? You might want to take a break from driving and get out of your vehicle to enjoy a picnic in the wilderness. There are streams to cross, mountains to climb, tunnels to drive through. There are literally no limits to where you can go. So sit back an enjoy the ride of your life!

You will need

  • One or more lagre cardboard boxes, plus small boxes
  • Caps from bottles, milk cartons, cans, etc.
  • Scissors, cutters or a bread knife
  • If desired: paint (watercolour, poster paint, finger paint, wax crayon or felt-tip pens)
  • Glue or a glue gun
  • Cable ties if available
  • Masking tape or other adhesive tape