Artificial Gravity

Creating Weight With Rotation

When astronauts embark on long flights in space, it's important that there is gravity in the spaceship. One way of creating gravity is through rotation, or in other words, the partial rotation of the spaceship on its own axis. 
The force of rotation can be discovered with this simple experiment where the rotation is sufficient to lift weights.

Lifting Weights With Rotation

You will need: 

  • Something long and hollow such as a plant stalk or a straw
  • 4 acorns or 1 acorn and 2 chestnuts
  • Fishing line (about 50 cm)
  • Crochet hook

What to do:
Pull the fishing line through your straw or stalk, using the crochet hook if necessary. At one end of the line, tie one acorn and tie the other 3 acorns (or alternatively the 2 chestnuts) to the other end of the line. Hold the straw/stalk in front of you so that the weight of the 3 acorns/2 chestnuts pulls the line vertically down. Make circular motions with the straw/stalk. By rotating the single acorn at one end, you should find the other heavier objects at the other end can be lifted.