Activities For Inside

Homemade Dragon Costumes

Follow these simple steps and you'll soon be roaming menacingly around the house disguised as a dragon:

You will need:

  • 5 sheets coloured A4 paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Adhesive tape or stapler

Step 1: Cut two sheets of paper lengthways into 8 long strips. 5 strips is actually enough but each strip should be a quarter of a sheet, sou you'll need 2 sheets regardless.

Step 2: Take another sheet of paper and fold it lengthways and repeat this step with the other two sheets. Cut triangles into the sheets in order to form spikes but leave around 1.5 cm between the base of the spikes and the edge of the sheets. Once you've done this with all 3 sheets, unfold the paper and your spikes are ready.

Step 3: Stick one of the strips of paper in the middle of each sheet of spiked paper. Fold the points of the spikes over the strip of paper and glue the opposite points together. Then using cellotape or a stapler, stick all 3 sheets together to create a snakelike shape.

Step 4: Your dragon costume is almost finished. Take two more strips of paper and make a ring large enough to fit around your head. Fasten the dragon spikes to the paper ring and your ready to commence your new life as a dragon.

We hope you enjoy a few fiery dragon games with your costume. Maybe mum or dad could also add a few finishing touches with some face paint.