Building Lucky Charms

Lucky Mushrooms

It doesn't take much to bring a dash of luck into your home thanks to these Glückspilze lucky charms. Once you've polished off a bottle of champagne or sekt, take the cork by its 'stem' and paint the 'head' red. Once the paint has dried, go over any gaps with a second coat. When the 'head' is dry, paint the 'stem' white, going over any gaps so that the 'stem' is entirely white. Wait again for the paint to dry and then add the typical white dots onto the 'head'. You can now draw a face onto the 'stem' to turn your Glückspilz into Super Mario or another charcter of your choosing. Add a finishing touch by painting a little green grass onto the bottom.

One option is to screw an eyelet into the top of your lucky mushroom so it can be hung up and bring luck directly into your home. The rest can go into your bag so you'll always have good fortune wherever you go.

You will need:

  • Champagne or sekt cork
  • Paintbrush
  • Support base
  • Red, white and green paint
  • For the eyes: either black paint or googly eyes
  • Small eyelets to hang up