A Sensory Trail

Testing The Senses

Your kids probably think they know everything that lies within the four walls of your house by heart, right? Well, it's time to put that to the test…

Lead them on a sensory trail through each room.


Send your kids off on a search for five objects that all have a certain characteristic. It could be things that are round, things that are red, things that glow or things that gie off a pleasant smell. When they've completed their mission, it's their turn to set you a task. This game can also be played in larger groups.


  • For beginers:
    Fetch a laundry bag or pillowcase and fill it with items found about the house. It could be very small things like a toothbrush or a small toy, but bigger things such as a bottle or a brush could also be used. Now your child has to guess what the objects are by feeling them through the bag or pillowcase. If they get them all correct, then they get a reward.
  • For professionals:
    Tie a strong rope or cord through multiple rooms and attach various objects to it. Cover your child's eyes and lead them along the rope, having them work out what the objects are as they go.
  • For experts:
    Collect different-sized books and place them in front of your blindfolded child. Their task is to put the books on top of each other in order of size. The biggest book should be at the bottom and the smallest on top.



Make a mini menu of food samples. Ideas could be an apple slice, a piece of cheese, a square of kohlrabi or a pinch of salt. Your child should be blindfolded and has to guess the food by taste alone. If they get everything right, then they get to eat more of the food that tasted best.


You can basically use the aforementioned taste game and turn it into a 'smell game'. Simply select various foodstuffs that have an odour of some sort, cover your child's eyes and get them to guess the food by smell alone.


Set an alarm clock, egg timer or the alarm on your phone and hide it somewhere in your house - in a cupboard, under a pile of books or within the duvet covers. Your child's task is to find the source of the noise using their sense of hearing. You can also play sound hide and seek. Cover your child's eyes and hide yourself somewhere in your house. Once you're in your hiding place, make a sound at regular intervals which can be used by your child to find your location. Once they've found you, it's their turn to hide and your turn to seek by sound.