Game Of Freedom

An Action Game For 2 Teams

Have you already been to visit our Escape To Freedom exhibition? Not yet...? You were no doubt planning on coming before this lockdown interrupted proceedings though...?

That's good, because although the exhibition is closed, we're able to show you what things like are in the Alice Museum For Children.

We hope you enjoy playing!



  1. Download the file including game board onto a tablet or iPad (you can also print out the board and lay it on a table).
  2. Place two game pieces at the start.
  3. The two teams take it in turns to try and solve the tasks. These tasks can be downloaded onto your phone.
  4. If you solve a task, you move forwad one space and the other team has their go.



The fireplace is crackling away gently. But you have NO TIME to relax.

You have a mission. Your team has just broken into a wealthy woman's villa. You've broken the law and security is on its way. But there's a reason why you're on this woman's property. The woman's wealth comes from YouTube videos which feature her pet dog. The videos are really sweet but the dog is being mistreated and you need to rescue him. As you enter, there's not a sound to be heard and no sign of the dog. You decide to split up and explore the four corners of the villa. Can you find the dog before security arrive? Let's go!

Download game instructions as PDF (in German)