Projects Of The youngprojects 2023

"RescEU" Europe Escape Game

Project Days: Wed 22nd  to Fri 24th May 2024
Recommended for classes 7 to 11 (ages 12 to 17)
The FEZ Berlin and the Zukunft Berlin Foundation invite school groups from across Berlin and Brandenburg to take part in our European-themed escape game entitled "RescEU".

Social Participation & Engagement

Tues 24th September 2024

What barriers do young people typically run into when they want to get involved? A day of workshops and discussions sees young people and experts come together to talk about politics and their ideas for the future. More info here...

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A Mark Of True Friendship!MiSCHMiT

Friendship is defined as a relationship between 2 or more people, characterised by mutual affection, sympathy and trust. But how do I find true friends? What makes a true friend? How do friendships influence our lives?