Projects Of The youngprojects 2023

youthCON '23

Wed 20th + Thurs 21th September, 9am to 2pm

At youthCON '23 you are encouraged to get involved, try new things and experiment. It's an event at the FEZ Berlin just for you! Each workshop and activitiy is specifically designed to let you build, research and use your imaginations.
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Lazy Youth, Power-Hungry Adults - Who Is The Problem?

MiSCHMiT: On the topic of adultism
Society is full of clichés and prejudices but is there truth in them? Young people, politicians and experts came together on 25th March to discuss the topic of adultism.

Review of the broadcast from 25.03.2023

Get Involved!

Project Day in June 2023
Recommended for classes 7 to 11 (ages 12 to 17)
This project aims to develop the young participants' ability to act and make a difference. They'll improve their social and intercultural knowledge. By the end, we hope children and young people will be better equipped to reflect on current issues and make their own judgements.


"RescEU" Europe Escape Game

Project Day in May 2023,
Recommended for classes 7 to 11 (ages 12 to 17)
The FEZ Berlin and the Zukunft Berlin Foundation invited school groups from across Berlin and Brandenburg to take part in our European-themed escape game entitled "RescEU".