Get Involved!

Read on a for a short review of the "Get Involved!" event which took place on 27th & 28th June 2023 in the FEZ Berlin.

But what was "Get Involved!" exactly?

Project day recommended for classes 7 to 11 (ages 12 to 17)

It's been clear for a while. Urgent action is required to preserve the Earth's resources. The idea of "Get Involved!" is to bring important topics like sustainability, climate protection, creativity, racism, diversity and democracy closer to young people via workshops, talks and hands-on activities. With the help of a relaxed and informal atmosphere, we try and convey the joy of giving something back to society and how rewarding it can be to contribute.

Information for teachers: The FEZ Berlin has many years of experience sensitising children and young people to the topic of sustainability.

Our aim is to make our young guests aware of their own cultural background and the privileges that may come with this. In addition, we want to develop everyone's ability to self-reflect and express their own ideas and goals. Young people should learn to apply strategies for a non-discriminatory classroom environment.

Skills such as as self-competence, social engagement and intercultural awareness are all strengthened. Through this, we believe children and young people will also be empowered to reflect and make well-founded judgements. They are encouraged to participate in democratic processes and develop their own ideas for responsibly shaping the future.

This event was planned using the FEZ Berlin's own community app.
All participants were given the opportunity to use the app and open discussions with fellow participants in advance in order to identify topics of interest and network with others of the same mindset. This also enabled us to set topics for workshops and find speakers that would contribute to the topics suggested by the pupils.