Recap 2023: Projekcts Of The youngprojects


Recap: Wed 20th + Thurs 21st September 2023

"Join in and try new things" was the motto of youthCON '23 – the event for you in FEZ Berlin. A variety of workshops invited particpants to get creative, build and research. It was all about learning how to do things yourself.

Get Involved!

Project Day: June 2023
Recommended for classes 7-8 (ages 12 to 14)
This workshop was all about strengthening young peoples' self confidence as well as their social and intercultural understanding. We want to empower particpants to reflect and make sensible decisions for themselves.

"RescEU" Europe Escape Game

Recap: Project Days 2023
Recommended for classes 7 to 11 (ages 12 to 17)
The FEZ Berlin and the Zukunft Berlin Foundation invite school groups from across Berlin and Brandenburg to take part in our European-themed escape game entitled "RescEU".

Lazy Youth, Power-Hungry Adults - Who's The Problem?

MiSCHMiT: Adultism
Recap of the broadcast from 25th March 2023 
The FEZ Berlin and the AstA HWR invite you to a workshop on the topic of adultism. Young people and other interested parties spoke to politicians and experts on the topic of adultism.

Adultism Workshop

Recap: Tues 12th October 2023
Adultism is a topic that affects everyone. It describes the idea that adults are clever and more accomplished than children and young people simply because they are older. But is that true? The event was held at the Berlin State Centre for Political Education.