Florian Hecht, Project Leader

Julia Wilde, Project Employee with a Focus on Public Relations for the youngprojects

Lisa Machow, Project Employee

Project Office In The FEZ Berlin

The two founders of youngprojects follow the motto of 'by young people, for young people' as they conceptualise events based around topics that are of interest to young people.

Taking responsibility, getting down to business and reliably creating new concepts - that's what they do!

Email: youngprojects(at)fez-berlin.de

Florian Hecht, Project Leader

Apart from being project leader, Florian Hecht is also the creative brain behind the youngprojects.
He is always keen to make a difference, get things done and represent the opinions of young people.
That's why he's involved with various committees connected to clubs and associations, NGOs and cultural and volunteer organisations. As a mentor, process consultant and adviser, he also helps many other people out as they try to set their own projects in motion.

Julia Wilde, Project Employee with a Focus on Public Relations for the youngprojects

Julia Wilde (she/her) is a Berliner by choice who loves dance and theatre - both on a professional level and a private level. Her work in the FEZ Berlin sees her give support to the youngprojects in their public relations work. In addition, Julia works at a youth recreation centre as an art, dance and theatre teacher. The connection of her artistic and theatrical passions with politics and education are matters that are close to her heart.

Vivien Schütze, Project Employee

Vivien Schütze comes from Berlin. She aims to incorporate her wide-ranging interests, ranging from literature and film to television and art, into her project work in the FEZ. Alongside her studies in German and Media Studies, she works in education with children and young people.

Lisa Mochow, Project Employee 

Lisa Mochow hails from Berlin, where her goal is to promote intercultural communication. She works both as a foreign language teacher and as a project worker for the FEZ's youngprojects organisation. Alongside her studies in service management, she has also worked as a counsellor in various holiday camps for children.

Lina Wischnewsky, Consultant for the youngprojects

Lina Wischnewsky comes from the Köpenick area of Berlin. She's a geologist and has always had the itch to discover and try new things.
No matter what her role, she is committed to helping young people and promoting their strengths. This is particularly apt in the edutainment sector where she has been self-employed in the Naturkundenmuseum (Museum Of Natural History), die gelbe Villa and the FEZ Berlin. These positions have primarily involved creating new concepts and implementing a variety of innovative formats that combine education with fun.
Her motto in life is: curiosity is the battery of life.