What Is Children's Day?

International Children's Day dates back to the 1925 World Conference on Child Welfare. Today it is celebrated in around 150 countries to raise awareness of children's needs and promote children's rights.

The FEZ Berlin is committed to safeguarding the rights and addressing the concerns of children. We've been working closely with a number of partners so we can provide children with an unforgettable virtual celebration on their special day.

A Children's Guide To Children's Rights

The United Nations' convention on children's rights includes the right to life, the right to development, the right to equal treatment and the right to general well-being and participation.

Right to life and development 
Every child has the right to all the things required to live. This not only includes food, drink and medical care but also education and the right play and leisure time.

Equal treatment
All children have equal rights compared to each other and to adults. No child should be discriminated against on any grounds.

Welfare of the child
Every child has the right to grow up healthily, to be well cared for and to be protected from violence. Every child has the right to live with their parents, or at least to have contact with both parents. Children have the right to form their own opinions and be allowed to defend them. This also applies for a child's faith.

Right to participation
In relation to questions and subjects that directly affect children, children's opinions should be heard and considered when decisions are made.