Disnay Lopez – A Musical Journey Through Latin America

Disnay Lopez and her band (Misses Melaza) took part in "The Voice of Germany", where they made the quarter finals under the coaching of Mark Forster. As a solo artist, she won the Ria Talent Festival. Her dancing career actually began at the tender age of 4 years old in her native Cuba. There, she took part in dance shows on stage in the El Cotorro area of Havana and, by the age of 8, she was an integral part of two private dance companies. Trained in a variety of popular dances, flamenco, piano and singing, she appeared on Cuban TV while at the dance companies. While still at primary school she began to discover her passion for the arts in her native land and went on to study art, theatre music and dance in the "EIA Eduardo Garcia Delgado" in Havana. Although she began to concentrate on dance, singing remained a passion, taking every opportunity to perform in front of friends, family and neighbours.

In 2009, she moved to Germany and has lived in Berlin since 2012 with her partner and son.

Now a singer, bandleader, choreographer and songwriter, she has already released two albums.

Disnay Lopez knows more than most what music and dance can do for the soul and for one's own development. Seeing herself also as a kind of ambassador for the culture of her native Cuba, her concerts try to take the listener on a musical journey through Latin America. So sit back and enjoy the dance styles and rhythms playing out before your eyes.