ICH & HERR MEYER are famous for their TV and radio work on ZDF KIKA and Radio Teddy and we're delighted to welcome them back to the FEZ!
Guaranteed to put on an entertaining show for young and old, you can be sure of a few hair-raising (though perhaps not for them) moments as they return to the stage in their native Berlin.

Of course, on this occasion, they'll be in front of the cameras and will be streamed directly into your homes via Zoom. The audience will be visible on the big screen behind them in the auditorium. It's sure to be an enthralling experiment.

The duo will be singing a few new songs from their new album "ALLES IST DRIN!", as well as plenty of the old classics. As they take you on a journey through diverse styles of modern pop music, it's down to you get up and dance like no one's watching during the lively tracks and sitting back and relaxing as some of the slower more thoughtful tunes are played.

Many of their songs are available via YouTube. If you want to read more about them, then visit www.ichundherrmeyer.de