Christian Bahrmann - Presenter

Christian Bahrmann is an actor, puppeteer, singer and presenter from Berlin. A real jack of all trades, his versatility has served him well in his career on the KiKANiNCHEN TV programme and he includes plenty of adults among his admirers as well.

Christian is perpetually in action. Even away from the public eye, the father of three is involved in a variety of projects aimed at giving children a better life.

Among others, he actively supports:

  • German Stroke Foundation (Deutsche Schlaganfall-Hilfe) project to support children affected by strokes in their immediate family
  • Straßenkinder e.V.
  • The SPIEL PLATZ DA! initiative from Des Gofus e.V.

In addition, his "Weihnachten für Alle" charity campaign has made hundreds of children happy every Christmas.

When's he's not doing television work, he's usually busy making music for children, singing children's songs, presenting events or running his Berlin-based puppet theatre "Prenzlkasper". You may also know him as the patron of our puppet theatre festival here in the FEZ.