Play & Move

Journey Of Discovery: Circus Skills

Come along and get stuck into a range of circus skills. Try your hand at juggling, hula hooping and balancing on balls. Learn a range of professional tricks and develop your ceativity with lots of colourful objects, as you spring nimbly through tyres like a lion.

Journey Of Discovery: Pedalos

A relaxed boat trip free of charge - and no crocodiles either!

Journey Of Discovery: Barefoot Path

Here you should listen to what your feet are telling you.
Do you dare to take off your shoes and socks and walk along the different surfaces?

Garden Quiz

For anyone keen to learn new things and solve riddles. The quiz takes place around the garden of our Eco Island. If you solve all the clues, you'll win a special prize from the Eco Island.

Meet Heidi The Cow!

A whole host of characters await on the Good Mood Farm. From Frau Holle's tree to Hanni Hen and Heidi the Cow. Once you've meet them all, it's time to take part in their games. These include the strawberry race and carrot harvest with tractors. Maybe you'll also find out where the horse has galloped off to. It's also the place to test your throwing skills. In any case, one thing is sure: a good mood costs nothing and is great for the environment.

Marble Run

A marble run is normally made out of wood, paper, plastic or metal and is contructed in such a way that the marbles will roll all they way along the course (with a little help from gravity).
So far, so good. But our marble run is particularly special. Its design can easily be changed so you can change the course of the marbles and experiment with how they roll. It's also so big that it takes up a lot of space in the middle of our green meadow and many people can play at the same time.

Clay Building Site

Throughout the FEZ summer holidays, an amazing city made entirely out of clay sprang up bit by bit. And we're keen for it to expand further. Come along, have a look, see what's missing and add your section. Along the way, you'll get to know clay as a building material (you might get a little messy as you go). Tanja is on hand to answer any questions and show you how best to make cool things from clay.

Outdoor Sports

Our outdoor sports area boasts a range of equipment that will test your fine motor skills. You'll be soon jumping, knocking, swinging and balancing your way across the area. There's also equipment designed to test your strength, as well as other areas where you can take a breather. There's lots to do so come and see for yourself!