Fire Artist Immodestia

Wind and Water

Dance & Swing

The Art Of Poi

Sat + Sun - 2 workshops on each day 

Fire artist and poi coach Immodestia will whisk you away to the kingdom of swinging objects, for the performing art known as poi.
Get moving, go with the flow, coordinate your movements and spin as you like. The poi weights will open the door to whole new world of experience for your body. With your own homemade poi, you'll be ready to continue where you left off once you're back home.

Breakdance For Families With Denyo

Family Breakdance: Show off your moves at this interesting dance workshop with our dance teacher, Denyo. He'll show you the cool and quick steps necessary. And don't be put off - it's for young and old, beginners and experienced. Denyo can't wait to see what you've got!

Dis-Dance Party

Sat+ Sun

Dance outdoors to cool music from DJs from the Berliner Tanzbären - and with plenty of space for everyone! With the help of a pool noodle and chalk, you'll be sure you are keeping your distance. Olivia will lead the way, showing you that dancing with distance can be great fun.

Folk Dance

Wind and Water are a song and dance duo who play exciting melodies related to folk music. Join in and sing and dance to your heart's content. Taking place at the Folkdance-Plätzen, this workshop is for everyone. So bring your family and bring your friends.