Playgrounds In The FEZ Forest Park

Young visitors will find interesting things to do in the FEZ's wooded park. Come and frolic, play and relax on our playgrounds. Whether it's the playground with the giant rocket and slide, the dragon playground, the motley villa or the big wood playground with rope swings and climbing frames that takes your fancy, there's something for people of all ages here. With the surrounding hilly landscape, you're never far from some inviting natural scenes either. Or bring your children to jump around and make some sounds in the large wicker pavillion. Equipment such as tandem vehicles, rowboats, sailing boats, rubber dinghies and BMX bikes can be rented for cheap. Our half pipe, table-tennis tables and street basketball court are particularly popular with older children.

Renting Equipment

Our rental service for sports gear and toys is situated outside opposite the FEZ's swimming pool building. Here we have: moon cars, tricycles (with and without trailers), mini tricycles, bikes, balance bicycles, scooters, skittle games, badminton racquets, bobby-cars, skateboards, stilts, balls and table tennis bats.

Opening times

from March till October
Thursdays and Fridays: from 1pm to 6pm
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: from 10am to 6pm
during the Berlin summer holidays: from 10am to 6pm daily

Please respect that opening times can vary in cases of very poor weather. Conversely, we stay open for longer when the weather is nice.

Any rented equipment must be paid for. During rental, a form of picture ID such as an identity card or passport must be deposited.

Contact: Mariusz Brzezek, mobile: +49 (0)176 963 598 47