For families with children aged 1 to 5

Look What I Can Do!

Summer in the FEZ for our Youngest Guests

The FEZ's "Look What I Can Do!" event is the chance for young children aged 1 to 5 to test their limits and show off what they can do in a specially tailored atmoshere. We recommend bringing a change of clothes because it will be summery, outdoorsy and perhaps a little wet and muddy too!

The whole outdoor area of the FEZ is being transformed into a large variety of different adventure worlds. Head to the water play area to build and splash around. Listen to the curious sounds in the Forest of Sound. Meanwhile, the colouring garden and the Eco Island invite you to discover, play games, paint, dance and jump around. Last but not least, there is also live music in the circus tent and on the interactive stage.

Stage Programme

Be bewitched by sorceress Christella, dive into an improvised world of children's stories and music with Terz im Viertel and sing along with the Pinguin Trio.

The full Stage Programme at a glance

Opening Hours & Tickets

8th/9th, 15th/16th, 22nd/23rd June
Sat/Sun, from 12pm to 6pm

Individual Ticket: €5.00
Families of 2+: €4.00 per person
Tickets required for all children aged 1+, tickets also valid for Children's Museum
Online Tickets

Highlight: Puppet Show From STÜBAPhilharmonie

With a troupe of puppeteers, actors, narrators and musicians, the STÜBAPhilharmonie creates very special puppet shows each and every year. Come to the DKISA Circus Stage and see just how puppets and stories can come to life through a creative mix of games, music and language.

Climb, Crawl, Strong Max

There's a lot of action on the bobby car racecourse and around the movable climbing frames and play area. You'll also be testing your coordination on the bouncy horse course and seeing how strong your muscles are when you meet 'Strong Max'.

Splash, Stack, Roll

Head over to the marble run to set a few marbles loose, see how tall you can build a tower at the wooden building area and create some fantastic house and caves using magnetic mats.

Paint, Stick, Cut

In the City Painting Garden, there are all sorts of bright and colourful goings-on. Build worlds from card and animals from clay. Splodge paint around the play construction site. Snip away and glue together to make some fantastic creations.

Trade, Plant, Milk

There's also a marketplace and a mini farm. Head to the marketplace to trade, haggle and sell your goods. At the farm, you'll be driving tractors, harvesting vegetables and milking cows.

Sing, Dance, Make Music

Making music, creating sounds in the sound forest, circus, dancing, theatre - our crash course workshops offers something for every taste. And then, at the end of each day, a concert on the Open Air Water Stage will allow you to really let your hair down and head home whistling many a tune.

Cook, Bake, Relax

Your culinary skills can be improved as you bake bread in the clay oven and make simple recipes using cups and mugs. Once it's time to relax, head to the Kamishibai or the Book Island for exciting stories. Alternatively, there's nothing better than taking time out in nature - that's what the Snoozel Tent and our Eco Island are for!

Headline Concerts at the End of Each Day - from 5:00 pm

Sat 8th June

The GRUPPE PINGUIN epitomise fun and simple tunes as they play well-known classics such as Katzentanz (Cat Dance), Auf der Mauer (On The Wall), auf der Lauer (On The Lookout) and Jetzt fahr´n wir über´n See (Travelling Over The Sea). With elements of bossa nova, swing, punk and free jazz, one thing is certain: you can't help but dance and sing along.

Sun 9th June

Zauberin CHRISTELLA is a real sorceress who can make things disappear at the command of children and tells amazing stories about poison which turns into stardust. Her children's magic show is packed full of exciting experiences and discoveries for every single audience member.

Sat 15th June In The Circus Tent

Puppet show with the STÜBAphilharmonie based on a fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm: The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack. How it all started and what happens next is something you'll find out by being in the circus tent. And the hilarious puppets and catchy music will make it especially worthwhile.

Sun 16th June In The Circus Tent

The group Terz im Viertel use self-penned songs to tell exciting stories about flying bears, space cats and scatterbrained robbers. They are a group of music lovers, childish minds and daydreamers who are delighted to present their music to excited audiences who sing along and get you out of your seat.

Sat 22nd June

HANS DIE WANZE presents an interactive concert for children aged 3 to 8 years old. Lots of fun, movement and rousing music are used to challenge children's minds and give them a musical experience to remember.

DJ MO has been playing DJ sets for children for a few years now. Look forward to a relaxing mis of old and new children's songs incorporating hiphop and jungle. It's time to dance!

Monkey und ich invite you to a music-based adventure featuring captivating songs that will appeal to old and young alike while simultaneously telling hilarious stories.