For families with children aged 5 to 12

Do It Yourself - Open-Air Creative Workshop

Step-by-step instructions combined with your own inspiration for making things yourself - that's what it's all about at the DIY Open-Air Creative Workshop. Whether it's handmade window decorations, personalised jewellery or aromatic bath salts, everything is possible and no prior knowledge is required.

Opening Hours & Tickets

Sat 29th + Sun 30th June, from 12pm to 6pm

Day Ticket: €5.00 per person
Families of 2+: €4.00 per person

Online Tickets

Please note: We recommend you take public transport to reach us, as parking is very limited on a weekend and each space costs €3.00.

Arts & Crafts

Visit our special DIY area and let ypour creative juices flow! There's tic tac toe games to make, bath salts to make bathtime fun and you can brighten up your bedroom with a homemade sun catcher or lava lamp. For you best friend, a friendship bracelet is perfect and we have everything you need for a special greeting card. We also have a mini artist's studio for you to get tips with a batik workshop also being a speciality of the day - just bring old clothing and we'll show you how to turn it into something special.


This is the place to turn old objects into something new and give them a second lease of life. You could become an architect of nature and make your own insect hotel. You'll be helping the envionrment and will be fascinated by the bees that will hopefully move in. If you're less into creatures with 6 legs, you can still do something for the environment by creating wallets and purses out of tetra packs and colourful lanterns from old glass.

Reading Garden

With all the activities going on, it stands to reason that you'll need a break at some point. That's where our reading garden comes in. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings as sit back, read a good book and recharge your batteries. And if you're still feeling a little creative, you can make a bookmark which will also enhance those quiet moments.

Obstacle Course & Water Fun

This is the place to really let off some steam and get your blood pumping! The bouncy cushions will soon get you moving along with the pumptrack. Meanwhile, the water games are a good way of cooling off. And if you want to try something new, we've got "X Blocks" and chalk painting.

Activities For The Youngest Guests

Even the youngest siblings aged 5 and below have the chance to get creative. Whether it be making rattles out of toilet roll, bringing little fireflies to life or making aliens from cork, there's so much for them to get their teeth stuck into.

Programme subject to change!