Children's Day Party - Rights Here, Rights Now

For Families with Children Aged 2 to 12

Playing, laughing, wondering, dancing, jumping around and taking part - that's the aim of the game at our International Children's Day party. The theme of "Rights Here, Rights Now" refers to our invitation for all children to learn about their rights and stand up for them. Three show stages and 12 areas of adventure - spread across 50,000 m² - promise a whole load of fun, games and a great atmosphere. In particular, we're delighted to welcome the Sandmännchen, who is celebrating his birthday at the FEZ. Together with singer and presenter, Lena Bender ("Singelpietz") and his friend Pittiplatsch, he warmly invites you to watch and join in with some entertaining live shows. Not forgetting about our key topic of children's rights. We hope you discover what they are during the course of the day. Because children have a voice that should be heard!

Opening Hours & Tickets

Sat 1st + Sun 2nd June 2024, 10am to 6pm

Day Ticket: €5.00
Families of 2+: €4.00 per person


Please note:
There is a second entrance for those visitors with an online ticket. If coming from the S-Bahn station, you'll find it opposite the play areas.
We strongly recommend that you travel using public transport. Car parking is very limited and each space costs €3.00.


Get in the mood for Children's Day and see if you can visit all 12 adventure areas! There's something exciting happening wherever you look in the Foyer or in front of the main FEZ building!

  • Dressing up in the greenbox - travel with the Sandmännchen
  • A hearing and seeing landscape with the Stiftung Kindergesundheit
  • Water bar
  • A sensory adventure:  "Eyes closed, costume on"
  • Creative activities in the Orbitall Centre
  • Pedalos and Tukluks
  • Meadow of Dreams
  • Our ambassadors
  • Travelling library - Henri Bücherbus (Saturday only)
  • Build insect hotels - Linie 94 e.V. (Sunday only)
  • Mobile fanshop from 1. FC Union Berlin
  • Democracy van

Highlight: 65 Years Of The Sandmännchen

Look forward to a special feature from the mainstays of German children's TV - Sandmännchen and Pittiplatsch. The Sandmännchen is celebrating his 65th birthday at the FEZ Berlin and, to mark the occasion, there are lots of activities and on-stage acts.

  • Sandmännchen animated film shoot
  • Dress up in the greenbox – travel with the Sandmännchen
  • RBB photo box
  • Readings with the Trötsch publishing house and the Leselounge e.V association. 

On Stage

Look forward to a non-stop programme of colourful performances across 3 stages. Alongside 2 live shows from the Sandman, many of your other favourites will also be joining, including Sukini, Fargo, die Razzelbande, die Sambakids, der KindermusicalTheater e. V. and many more. Have fun!

Stage Programme

The Adventure Areas

Let's FEZ

Pure adventure awaits! Test out the climbing park from BergWerk or become a pirate on the huge slide. The giant bubbles are also bound to mesmerise.


  • Bowling fun with American Bowl & Play OFF
  • BergWerk.Mobil: Climing Park on tour
  • Giant bubbles
  • Giant pirate slide


Children, especially now!

Learn all about children's rights and the important work being done by organisations that fight for and promote children's rights. The Stage On The Water is where you can see talented children and young people perform dance shows and musical acts. Full programme to follow.

Learn about children's rights with

  • Amnesty International
  • Unicef
  • Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk
  • Terre des hommes
  • Wheel of fortune - McPaper AG
  • Europe in the neighborhood

Aim High!

If a thirst for adventure is your thing, then "Ai High" is the right area to visit. Climb up huge towers, build a city out of clay and rise above what you thought you were capable of.


  • Bauild with us! Clay cities, bucket buildings and Leonardo bridges
  • Become a hero with a spot of crate climbing
  • Get creative: design and make your own games
  • Magical physics: experimenting with water rockets
  • Wet and wild! Water play grounds and muddy play construction

You've Got It All!

Test your strengths, be brave and maybe you'll even surprise yourself. Maybe it'll be at the obstacle course for heroes or as part of the interactive circus. There's so much fun to have along the way.


  • Obstacle course for heroes
  • Create accessories for heroes
  • Interactive circus
  • Family yoga
  • First aid, fun & games with the Jugendrotkreuz DRK KV Müggelspree e.V. (Red Cross) (Only on Sunday) 

Let's Get Moving!

Whether it's on the Pumptrack or while bearing down on goal - there's lots here to get you active!


  • Movable construction site including X Blocks and a giant marble run
  • Pumptrack (scooter course)
  • Goal wall in conjunction with 1.FC Union Berlin
  • Disc Golf from Pfeffersport e.V.
  • Human table football and trampolining - JUMP3000 GmbH
  • Attention Building Site! – VBB i2030
  • Movement games with the SOS Family Centre Berlin (Saturday only)
  • Make recycled footballs with Carlita Nhatsave
  • Hire a boat
  • Miniature railway

Green & Grand

If you want to take a breather and head somewhere a little calmer, then our beautiful Eco Island is the place to be. The "Green & Grand" area is the place to experiment, design and take a look at nature through a microscope.


  • Fire extinguishing training, arts & crafts, games – KiEZ Frauensee
  • Experience water - KiEZ Hölzerner See
  • The soil is alive! - DiANa work group at the Ortsverein Grünau e.V.
  • Wonder rally - Was denkst Du? e.V. 
  • Beehives - Imkerverein Köpenick e.V.
  • Eco Island: seedballs and scented sachets, learn about aquaponics, treasure hunt, summer quiz, plant bazaar, upcycling, experiments with solar modules
  • Greenpeace e.V.
  • Water van and blue classroom from the Berliner Wasserbetriebe (Berlin Water Company)
  • Rubbish collecting rally - Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR)

Get Involved!

This is where you can have your say. Bring your ideas and visions for a better world and help decide how the area where you live should look.


  • Button and tote bags with the Young Humanists
  • Your voice of the future – FutureLab
  • Songwriting - Young Projects
  • ANOHA on.tour – Regenbogenfragen
  • Screen printing
  • Dance workshop with One Billion Rising
  • Creative wall design (Mural Art) with artist Lyly
  • Painting and printing workshop

On The Same Wavelength

Experience communication on a whole new level. An exciting Demoscape game is here to help promote teamwork as well as provide a view into the future.


  • Create your own animated film
  • "About Tomorrow" - Create the headlines of tomorrow
  • Comic drawing
  • The DEMOSCAPE GAME - a pop-up escape game from SPIELEHREI e.V.
  • ANOHA on.tour "Workshop Archebau" (12pm to 5pm)

Bridges Not Walls!

Using the motto "Bridges not Walls!", we are campaigning for inclusion and showing that working together is stronger than any other way.


  • Wheelchair course - Pfeffersport e.V. (Saturday only)
  • Inclusive bobby car racing
  • Building ramps out of lego with Outreach GgmbH
  • Obstacle course for people with visual impairments - from the Special Olympics Berlin e.V.

Who, How, What?

For those with a thirst for knowledge, you can look forward to our book corner with exciting books and a puppet theatre.


  • Children's book corner and readings - Trötsch Verlag together with the Leselounge e.V.
  • Design your world with Jugend im Museum (JiM)
  • Creativitiy with the Jugend Kultur Service
  • Making hand puppets with Heike Kammer
  • Mini stage in the little forest (see programme schedule)

What's On Your Plate?

To lead a healthy life, it's not all about being active. You also need to eat healthily. At "What's On Your Plate?", there are all manner of exciting goings-on about the topic of food.


  • Interactive information stand from the Federation of German Consumer Organisations (Verbraucherzentrale Berlin e.V.)
  • Interactive kitchen - make energy balls and shaken butter
  • Cleaing fountain and all things dental - LAG Berlin e.V.
  • Bake bread at the clay oven

Wild & Wonderful

There's plenty of wild and wonderful with just a hint of mischief when you're in the Villa Villekulla with Pippi Longstocking and the pirates. 

  • Nonsense at the Villa Villekulla


 Check out and print our map to see all the Adventure Areas at a glance. View the overview map

Why do we Celebrate Children's Day?

International Children's Day traces its roots back to the United Nations World Conference on Child Welfare in 1925. Nowadays, it is celebrated in over 145 countries to draw attention to the special needs and rights of children. As a family centre, the FEZ Berlin is particularly committed to the rights and concerns of children. Each year, we work with various partners to give the children of Berlin an unforgettable celebration on their special day.

Statements on Children's Day

Children's Rights In The Constitution

"Children's rights should belong to the German Constitution - this would make it clear to everyone. Children and young people must be protected, supported and allowed to participate."

Lisa Paus, Federal Minister for Families, Senior Citizens, Women & Youth

Children have the Right to Rest, Play & Leisure

"Children at play (football or otherwise) often reflect the very cornerstones of the game of life. Recognising objects or situations, deciding on a certain course of action, letting others participate celebrating success, learning from defeats. Making fun and games accessible for children, giving them space to play and enabling them to enjoy diverse experiences are the key building blocks for a healthy development."

Lutz Munack, Managing Director of women's youth and amateur football at 1. FC Union Berlin

Wir Sind Kinder

This is the title of the song I released in 1982. Meaning "We Are Children", it was the first time I had made a song to promote the rights and needs of children. The meaning is every bit as relevant today as it was in 1982 and it's great to see children still singing it with gusto and a healthy dose of self-confidence. I was and remain a strong advocate for a child-centred society.

Music and text: Rolf Zuckowski

Alles Ist Drin!

"Join in, your vote counts too! You can help decide where the journey goes!"
This is a translated line from our song ALLES IST DRIN! ("Anything is possible")
We believe that children have a valuable opinion and this opinion should be heard more in politics. After all most of the decisions made by adults primarily affect the futures of our children.


Children & Their Rights

That children have rights is great.... and really important too. But too often, including here in Germany, they fall by the wayside. Therefore, I would like to see children's rights anchored in our constitution so that the rights of children and children themselves are better protected and can gain strength as they develop.

Julia Boehme, children's author

We are very grateful for the generous support from our partner organisations, companies and associations!

With the friendy support:

With the friendy support: