Recommended for families with children aged 2 to 12

Build @ Do The FEZ!

Caution! Building Site! - Please Come In!

It's that time again - the FEZ will turn into one gigantic interactive building site. Build @ Do The FEZ! offers children a range of options to get stuck in and learn a bit of DIY. They'll show off their creative side and create their own masterpieces. So come along, put on your helmet and get out your toolkit as we explore the fascinating world of the building site. We advise you to bring a change of clothes - things may get a little wet and muddy. Click here for the layout map.


Opening Hours & Tickets

Sat 13th + Sun 14th July 2024
From 12pm to 6pm

Day Ticket: €5.00
Families of 2+: €4.00 per person
Includes entry to Alice Museum for Children and Eco Island

Online Ticket

Please notet: We recommend you arrive via public transport as there is very limited parking space and each space costs €3.00.

Creative Crafting

Try out a range of different materials and tools, build walls out of stone and clay, build huts out of sticks and build small works of art out of wood. Grab your trowel and get to work!

No Building Sites Without Machinery

Moving building material from A to B is an essential part of working on a building site - whether by wheelbarrow, rail or rope. Larger loads are moved with cranes, diggers or pulleys. Best of all, we even have a mini digger on site that children can operate with their parents.

Interior Design

Away from the large building site, there's also a focus on equipping the interior of your house for living. Many different materials can be used to make small items of furniture. You'll also learn how to glue and grout tiles and build a birdhouse for your balcony.

Building Blocks

Anker and Kapla blocks, along with magnetic mats, wooden connecting pieces and cardboard, allow you to create your own worlds complete with houses, people, bridges and animals. As they go, the children will learn the principles of spatial and strategical thinking and problem solving as they build in a creative way and have fun.

Exercise & Nutrition

Hungry builders can create their own snacks in the interactive kitchen. If you still have any energy left, you can take on the movable obstacle course, tumble down the huge pirate slide or set sail on FEZ waters.

Little Builders (Aged 1 to 4)

Our mini builders can build homes and houses as well as visit the sand bulding site where they can create their own little world using diggers, lorries, shovels and more. And let's not forget the bobby car racetrack. As always, there is also a dedicated area for young children with a ball pool, slides and more places to let off steam away from the bigger kids.

On The Eco Island

Nature conservation isn't just for adults! We'll show you how to help a range of insects by building a shelter for creatures such as earwigs. They eat aphids, spider mites and small caterpillars. A pot filled with straw is a great place for them to sleep. You can normally expect such a pot to be lived in from the start of May until late autumn.

Helping With Nest Building

The best place to hang these is in a tree with a lot of aphids in a place sheltered from wind and rain. A short stick can be used to hold them up if you are placing them in a vegetable patch. Wild bees, lacewings and many other insects will be grateful. The only materials required are an old tin and some natural materials.

Programme subject to change!