In the Shadowplay Action Room, light projections will allow you to make all sorts of comical silhouettes on the wall and create your own shadow theatre. Meanwhile, in the Travel Agenf Of The Future, you'll travel to luminous galaxies, faraway worlds and send your own space postcards. Black holes, the neon ark and much more also await you in the Black Light Universe.

A chance to build your own Stick Rockets is not to be missed and, if you do it right, they'll fly high. And... are those aliens? The UFO Fleet is waiting for your contact. You could also become an alien yourself and design your own unidentified flying objects. If you choose to make your own Lunar Landscapes, you'll be needing moon rock, stardust and sparkling sand. There are many more creations you can think up such as patterns from colour casting and unique starscapes with the help of Pendulum Art.

It's also time to say goodbye to space junk! We've done a little tidying and gathered old materials with which you can make brand new SJunk Robots.

Other actibvities: Galactic Bath Pearls, Cosmic Relaxation, 3D Planet Puzzles, Alien Slime and much more!