Recommended for families with children aged 6+

13th Family Night At The FEZ

Families Below The Starry Sky

Taking place in conjunction with "Do The FEZ! In Space!", the 13th Family Night at the FEZ brings the topic of space closer to the families of Berlin. The major details of our vast vast universe will be in focus as you are invited to play, wonder and get creative together beneath the stars. Create shimmering moonscapes, flying saucers and create many more space adventures in this glowing atmosphere. You might also need a bit of courage if you take on the astronaut assault course but your reward will be a tasty snack and a relaxing journey through the darkness on our miniature railway. And then to finish things off, you can dance the night away at our space disco.

Opening Hours & Tickets

13th Family Night
Sat 7th October, 6pm to 9pm

Day Ticket: €2.00 per person*
Families of 2+: €1.50 per person*

* Includes tour of the Alice Museum For Children

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Please note: We advise you to use public transport as parking is VERY limited at the FEZ and costs €3 per parking space.

Combi Ticket For Do The FEZ! In Space! & Family Night

Sat 7th October, 12pm to 9pm

Buy the combi ticket and visit two events in one day!
Click here to find out more about Do The FEZ! In Space!

Combi Ticket: €6.00 per person*
Combi Ticket for 2+: €5.00 per person*
*Includes taster tour of the Alice Museum For Children

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Interactive Activities

First up, you'll need plenty of bravery to conquer the Astronaut Assault Course. It'll test your balance and your dexterity as you try to make it to the other end. The Everything That Rolls section will also test your balance as you try out everything form hoverboards to space scooters. When you embark on a Walk In Space, you'll get a bird's-eye view of all of our planets and see the universe up close. More options sure to please the kids are the chance to make glow-in-the-dark Alien Slime and lead the Dash Robots.through the glow-in-the-dark course. Once you've done all that.... well it's time for the Space Disco!

Creative Activities

By using old materials you can clear space from rubbish as you build brand-new Scrap Robots. Take your first Steps On The Moon as you create glittering lunar landscapres out of stardust and moon rock. It's time to fly up high as we build Stick Rockets while the UFO Fleet is also waiting for you - it's your job to build a UFO with everything an alien could need. If you head over to the Light Painting section, you'll learn how to paint using light, while space pictures can also be created at the Pendulum.

Museum Taster Tour | Susi & Us - To Look Or To Look Away

Recommended for ages 10+

A one-hour tour lets you discover the exhibition currently running in the Alice Museum. It tells the true story of a Berlin-based Jewish girl who was forced into hiding between 1942 and 1945 by the Nazis. The exhibition deals with question of social engagement and civil courage in our society.

Show Stage Under The Stars

7:00 pm: Family concert
"Monkey & Me: Space Adventure"

Activities Below The Night Sky

18:00 – 21:00 - Stick bread on the campfire
18:00 – 21:00 - LED circus
18:00 – 21:00 - Space football tournament - Earthlings v Aliens
18:00 – 21:00 - Nighttime express through the darkness

18:30 + 19:30 - Starfleet Academy: "To the moon and back"
18:45 + 19:30 - Bat walk

Partners Of The 13th Family Night

500 mm Feldbahnprojekt e. V. 
DLR School Lab Berlin 
KiEZ Hölzerner See