Do The FEZ! Water Fairy Tales

The Great Water Council

"The Great Water Council" meets every 5 years to discuss the goings-on in the ocean depths. Iskappi is making the arduous journey there this year because he has questions. First of all, he'd like to know why it rains much more where he lives with much less snowfall. His home is Svalbard, a Norwegian island group in the very far north where there are many glaciers. But each year, these glaciers get smaller and smaller and the sea seems to get a little bit closer to the various coastal settlements. Iskappi is desperate for answers.

Hilda is also making her way to "The Great Water Council". The water witch also wants to know what is happening since there seems to be less light getting through the upper surface of the water where she lives. She's becoming increasingly angry because there's not enough light to read her books and she doesn't understand her home any more. What's preventing the light getting through? Is it black liquid, In places, it looks like a carpet of rubbish. The plans on the seabed are suffering too. They look very dry. It's all so strange.

Once they arrive, Iskappi and Hilda soon realise there aren't many other people keen to attend The Great Water Council. Why are they all alone with the other audience members? They discuss what's happening, ask questions, try a few things out and make some interesting discoveries