Do The FEZ! Water Fairy Tales


Design, create and build something magical using your imagination. Whether with scissors and paper or with pens, paint and paper, we have everything you need. Along the way, you'll also find out just how big fish can get, how colourful water plants are and how best to create your own coral reef. We also have clay for you to use when creating an amazing sea monster for you to take back home.

From the Programme

  • Aquarium – Create a tall and rounded large aquarium and then together we'll fill it

  • Create water creatures – We have everything you need to design your very own water-dwelling creature

  • Free insects from the ice – Little creatures that have been frozen in time can be freed using a hairdyrer and a chisel

  • Paint fairytale water creatures on the FEZ easel

  • Make sea monsters from clay - Scratch, squash and squeeze when creating your unique design. They may get a little scary!

  • Shadowplay – Create your own shadowy theatre using silhouettes