For families with children aged 5 and up

World In Pixels

For Budding Gamers, Makers and their Parents

Watch out! The digital world is taking over the FEZ. We're playing the digital part in an analogue way as we create new digital innovations.

Become a maker and develop your own games. Bring robots to life and make VR-glasses. Get creative with media and slip into the role of your digital heroes. Check out our unique upcycling projects and our pixel art presentations.

We also want to strengthen media competence for the whole family. That's why we've invited a range of media experts who can recommend and advise. A weekend full of fun and useful tips awaits.

Please consult our hygiene and social distancing regulations before your visit.


Including cult games and new games: Keep away from the ghosts in new versions of PacMan, avoid the obstacles with SuperMario and build your own worlds in Lego or Minecraft! more...

Maker Space

Become a games designer and make your own games! Bring robots back to life, learn to programme, build VR glasses, wearables and controllers. more...

Digital Art

Get creative with different media and slip effortlessly into the roles of your digital heroes! We'll present Papercraft, Pixelart and some cool Upcycling projects to you. There's also the chance to take selfies and discover a whole host of digital tools. more...

Media Education

We believe understanding media and technology is important for all families. A weekend with advice and tips about technology use in the home. more...

Opening Hours & Tickets

Sat 25th + Sun 26th September
From 12pm to 6pm

Day Ticket: €5.00 per person
Families of 2+: €4.00 per person

Online Tickets
Hygiene & Distancing Regulations


Photo exhibition from 25th September to 21st November in the FEZ Gallery
The family photos from the German Youth Photo Prize are a unique collection that depict how children and young people have thought of family. Historic and current images will take you on a photographic journey through time.

Orbitall World Of Adventure

25th + 26th September,  from 4:30 pm, for ages 8+
Undertake a breathtaking trip across the universe in the FEZ. You'll learn how astronauts prepare for a mission, what life is like on the International Space Station, carry out experiments and have lots of fun. more...