SpringFEZ: Spring At The FEZ For Families With Children Aged 5+

Outdoor – Saturdays and Sundays from 29th May to 20th June

Spring is when nature comes to life. Flowers grow tall and people also become more active. Now is also the time for the FEZ to wake up - events are about to resume. Of course while observing strict hygiene rules.

We've developed a colourful and varied programme for our reopening. Aimed at families and children aged 5+, there are a series of interactive events encouraging creativity, movement and healthy eating. Each part takes place outdoors - on the Eco Island, the meadow or the forest.
We look forwared to seeing you!

SpringFEZ On The Eco Island

Survival camp including how to make fire, chop and saw wood, make campfire bread, discover tomato fish, make marionettes, do origami and much more.
Have a look at what awaits on the Eco Island.

SpringFEZ On The Sports Field

Shoot at the goal wall, take on the superhero course, try out power balls, test your balancing skills and much more.
Have a look at what awaits on the sports field.

SpringFEZ In The Forest

Slacklining, mini farmyard with games, bauernhof mit tollen Spielen, gold panning, astronaut school, fairy tale yoga, soupmaking and much more.
Have a look at what awaits in the forest.

Hygiene Rules

Have a read of the rules, make a note of them and have fun.

Entry & Ticket Booking

Entry is only permitted to those with a negative test, those who have full vaccination or those who have recently recovered from Covid-19. Corona rapid testing € 5,- is available in the FEZ.
Tickets available in Online Ticket Shop.

Opening Hours & Tickets

29th May to 20th June 2021, on Sat + Sun from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

For families with children aged 5 and up

Ticket: €5.00 per person
Family (2 people or more): €4.00 per person

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