One Billion Rising 2021

You've got to move to take a stand! Here's an introductory video to explain what it's all about.

Once you're done, select one of the interactive videos below. Let's get moving! Let's rise for revolution!

Interactive Video 1

Dance theatre – "Not just for girls - where's your limit?"
In the first OBR@Home video, you'll learn to recognise your own limits. Claudia Lehmann will demonstrate exercises taken directly out of the dance theatre that you can do at home.

Interactive Video 2

Stronger body, stronger mind - ball sports at home
Maria Schmidt from the SG NARVA Berlin e.V. sports club is here to show you some ball games that you can do indoors as part of the OBR@Home day. They'll help you to keep fit and healthy in body and mind. If you don't have any small-sized balls at home, you can use a pair of socks. Some of the exercise do require a larger ball however.

Interactive Video 3

Capoeira  - a martial art or a dance?
In this video for OBR@Home, you'll gain a first insight into the art of capoeira. Instrutora Selva and Aluno Espanthalho from the Raiz Capoeira club will explain the first steps. Mestre Bailarino and Contramestre Gugu Quilombola will then take over to show you a few more advanced moves.

Interactive Video 4

Karate: A matter of respect!
Robert Krüger from SICURO DOJO ( is going to show you a variety of karate moves in this OBR@Home video. What's the difference between violence and martial arts? Well, it's a question of respect. Martial arts like karate are all about the mutual experience and the togetherness - even at a 2-metre distance!

Interactive Video 5

Modern dance & hip hop
Izabella Herzfeld's OBR@Home video is designed to build both strength and character. She'll show you all the right moves to make yourself feel wide awake, warm and sunny. And there's plenty of room for your own freestyle too. Let's go!

Stream On 14th February 2021

One Billion Rising is a global campaign to end all violence against women and girls, which also appeals for equality. The campaign was initially started as part of the V-Day movement but has since developed into one of the biggest in the world. It is now marked with various events in over 200 countries across the world.