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FEZ TV - LIVE from the Wuhlheide Park from 19th May!

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Parents Ask, Experts Answer

Wed 16th June, 7:30 pm
You've got the questions and we have experts with answers! Exchanging ideas together! more...

Let's Talk – Youth In Conversation

Thurs 10th June, 6:00 pm
The new youth talk show - direct from the FEZ. more...

To A Good Night

Fri 21st May to Fri 19th June, 7:00 pm each Friday
Dreamy stories  from the FEZ - participation encouraged. more...

Free Cherry! - Live From The Alice Museum For Children

Sat 5th, Sat 12th + Sat 19th June, 5:30 pm
The unique digital search and play adventure in the Hundevilla escape room - what Saturday evenings were made for! more...