If you can't come to the FEZ, we'll bring the FEZ to you!
From now on, we'll be publishing interesting, games, ideas, tips and tricks to keep you entertained and maintain the FEZ spirit. You can do them with your siblings, your parents or, in some cases, on your own.

Singing With Robert Metcalf

Sechs Saiten / Six Strings

Clips in English and German from the CD "SING mit mir / with me"

Music & Fun: All Your Favourite Stars Were At The FEZ Children's Day Concert

Artificial Gravity

Creating weight with rotation

Discover how weight/gravitational pull is simulated can be simulated in a spaceship. <link en adventure-education-fun artificialgravity internal-link>Find out more...

Wooden Spoon Puppets

You've got so many objects lying around your house that you can turn into something special. One trip to the kitchen and you could be well on the way to creating your own theatre. <link en adventure-education-fun woodenspoonpuppets internal-link out>Find out more...

Bring The Playground Home

The sun is shining and yet all the play areas are closed. But don't worry. You can bring that playground flair to your home. How so? With a mini sandpit or an illuminated sand box. <link en adventure-education-fun bringtheplaygroundhome internal-link the playground>Find out more...

Game Of Freedom

An action game for two teams

Did you manage to visit our Escape To Freedom exhibition? No...? Well, we may be closed but we have a version of the exhibition here, so you can check out what the Alice Museum For Children currently looks like. <link en adventure-education-fun gameoffreedom internal-link of>Find out more...

The Seasons & The Summer Solstice

Dirk from the FEZ's Orbitall Centre is on hand to explain how the seasons work and what the summer solstice is. NB: This video is only available in German. Find out more...


Astronaut Cakes

Making food for young space explorers.

Don't go hungry during your galactic mission! Find out more...

Galactic Bath Bombs

Why not combine a relaxing bath with a journey into space? Click the link to find out how to make your very own galactic bath bomb.Find out more...


Shadow Theatre

By creating your own shadow theatre, you can re-enact a whole host of much-loved fairy tales such as Pippi Longstocking and the Town Musicians of Bremen. <link en adventure-education-fun shadowtheatre internal-link>Find out more...

Build A Worm Farm

No proper urban gardener should be without a worm farm or a mini worm station!

Use a jar to make and maintain your own mini worm station. PDF

Experiments With Your Phone

From the RWTH Aachen University

Did you know that you always have a 3D magnetometer with you? Or that you can measure gravitational acceleration where you are using nothing but your smartphone? Or that it can also be used as a sonar? Find out more...

In The Kitchen With The Kids

Are those Christmas cookies? Well it is snowing...

Biscuits (cookies for our American friends) are not just for Christmas. What better time to head into the kitchen and bake something delicious? Starters, main courses and desserts all included! <link en adventure-education-fun cookingwithkids internal-link the kitchen with>Find out more...

Lucky Mushrooms

Building lucky charms

Known as Glückspilze in German, these mushrooms or toadstools are well known as a symbol of good luck. And we could sure do with a good luck charm at the moment, so lets get to work building our own lucky mushrooms. <link en adventure-education-fun luckymushrooms internal-link>Find out more...

The Music Treasure Chest

Check out the Berlin State Academy For Music's website to find an array of singing games, musical tips and rhythmic activities for parents to do with their children.

Space For Kids

ESA Kids - Space for Kids

ESA Kids brings you up to date with the latest news, information, cartoons and downloads from outer space. Aa science project for children aged 6 to 12. Find out more...

ESERO - Where Learning Is Fun

European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO)

What is the greenhouse effect, how does the water cycle work and is there life n Mars? Find out the answers to these questions and more with these fun learing videos, worksheets and automated reality apps. Each resource is provided by EESERO Germany, at the Ruhr-University in Bochum. Find out more...

Creative Ideas

Print a picture, send some joy - stamps from everyday materials

Fancy bringing a little colour to your home or putting a smile on someone's face? Homemade stamps are the perfect way to cheer up friends and family who are stuck at home. You can use them to make a bright pice of artwork or a postcard that you can send to that special someone.. Find out more...

On Our Travels

How do we travel now?
A fantasy journey in cardboard!

We may not be able to travel at the moment but our imagination can take us on extraordinary journeys. You'll see just how cool it can be! Find out more...

Playing The Game

Elephant bowling

First, place plastic bottles about 50cm apart from each other. How many bottles to use depends on the number of players. Then put a tennis ball in an old pair of tights. Find out more...

Being A Child During Corona

Media use, friends and family

Dear Parents

We are currently supporting a study undertaken by the Deutsches Jugendinstitut (German Youth Institute) in Munich (DJM) and would be grateful if you could spare 15 minutes to fill it out. Due to the spread of Covid-19, everyday life for children and family has changed radically. This study, entitled "Being A Child During Corona: Media Use, Friends & Family" aims to evaluate how children's lives have changed and how they are coping. For that, we need your help! The study is aimed at parents of children aged 3 to 15 years of age. Unfortunately, the survey is currently only available in German.

Paper Water Lilies

Showing you how to make beautiful paper water lillies and get them blooming.

Links For Parents

We've collected a series of links to educational and cultural initiatives, acitivities and tips. We hope they'll come in useful for parents who have children stuck at home. <link en adventure-education-fun linksforparents internal-link with>Find out more...

Explaining the Virus To Children

We've made a short film to explain the importance of keeping your hands away from your face and not touching anything. We know this isn't always easy for young children but this video explains how easily the virus can spread.

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and don't touch your face!

There are so many rules for children (and adults) to follow. We feel it's important they understand why.

Everyday Adventures

Clean-Up Challenge

With the kids spending so much time at home it's probably no surprise that thier bedrooms look like the proverbial pigsty. But there are ways to get them to tidy. They just need to have a little fun along the way. <link en adventure-education-fun everydayadventures internal-link>Find out more...

Home Schooling With A Difference

A crash course in learning (ages 12 and up)

No doubt your teachers have already given you an infinite amount of work to get through. You could probably do with a break. But if you are getting stuck, it's definitely worth checking out Crash Course. There are loads of great learning videos on a variety of subjects. <link en adventure-education-fun homeschoolingwithadifference internal-link schooling with a>Find out more...

A Cardboard Theatre

Creating marionettes and other figures from cardboard rolls

How about being in the spotlight in charge of your own puppet theatre? Let your imagination run wild as you design your own figures and props. Become a modern day Mister Geppetto using just cardboard and other materials you find around your house to create a very special puppet show. <link en adventure-education-fun acardboardtheatre internal-link cardboard>Find out more...

A Sensory Trail

Testing the senses

Your kids probably think they know everything that lies within the four walls of your house by heart, right? Well, it's time to put that to the test. Lead them on a sensory trail through each room. <link en adventure-education-fun asensorytrail internal-link sensory>Find out more...


Honing Your Skills

Special agent training in the laser room

An idea by Kathrin Völker-Krause

Have you always wanted to know how special agents train their mind, strengthen their skills and expand their skills? Now you too can have a go at becoming a special agent. <link en adventure-education-fun special-agent-training-in-the-laser-room internal-link agent>Find out more...

Cooking With Kids

Original recipes for you to try

Are you children always complaining about what you put on the table? How about getting them to cook for YOU? Take a look at these recipes from our children's cookry school and making dinner will become as fun as eating dinner. All the recipes listed are both delicious and nutritious! <link en adventure-education-fun cookingwithkids internal-link with>Find out more...