ResearchWORLD - Important Knowledge For Astronauts

Climb up to our mobile stargazing platform, look through the telescope and see space in all its detail.

Get on board the space shuttle in the Orbitall Centre and take a virtual flight to the moon. Here you can relax, daydream and discover so much about the moon.

Take an astronaut test in one of the two large astro eggs. Have you got what it takes?

Visit Professor Protonia's experimental laboratory to see how gravity works, how to keep yourself fed on a long space mission, whether metal floats and much more.

Museum Of Things: Many everday objects were actually originally invented for use in space or at least further developed with space travel in mind. Some of them might surprise you. Did you know the nappy for example was originally intended for use by astronauts? Come and see what other objects were developed for space and discover what the original idea behind them was.

The cosy Tessloff-Verlag book corner offers a wide range of literature about space travel, planets and the moon landings.

Meanwhile the Campagames boffins have created some games they want you to try out. You'll have fun as you pack your bags for outer space and experience an educational tour of the planets.

Get those VR glasses on because the crew of the DLR_School_Lab Berlin are about to show you what life is like on board the International Space Station. You have control of the ship as you visit the various bodies in space. If you open the escape hatch, you can even embark on a daring space walk and float around the space station. Those who are brave enough to look down, will see a stunning view of Earth situated 400km below their feet.

The "Zauberhafte Physik" project will teach you all about the laws of physics. Hands-on experiments and small exhibits will demonstrate about spaceships can travel across the galaxy.

Future-Lab im FEZ have set up a 3D printer and you can use it to make spare parts for your spaceship or other objects.

Get embroiled in a Robo Battle with real m-bots. See if you can get them to react to your commands.

Enter the Quadro Construction Area and build crazy moon vehicles or your own lunar house.