For children aged 1-5 years

LittlunsWORLD - Mini Astronaut Training (kids aged 1-5 years)

Our mini astronauts also have the opportunity to join in the space fun.

Speed through the milky way on a bobby car and test your astronaut fitness in the moveable playground.

With the Tukluks blocks, our guests can build their own moon house.

It's all things go at the rocket stand, where the task is to make a rocket and then fire it up up and away into the sky.

A nursing and changing room is also available for our future space cadets.

The sandy solar system is full of toys and features a huge sand castle.

Create new worlds and train yourself up at the movable construction and play area.

Do The FEZ! In Space!

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Film Planet

Astronaut Fitness


KlitzeKLEINien - Mini-Astronautentrainig