CreativeWORLD - Creating New Worlds

Enter the interactive shadow playroom and create huge shadows on the walls. There are light projections for huge shadows, there are water light productions and there are magic light projections. With these, you can even make your own lunar stories. Meanwhile, on the illuminated easel your own paintings and drawings will be look extra special.

In the blacklight room you'll be immersed in a strange galaxy. Discover the bright stars on the ceiling and have a go at catching the shooting stars. An array of exciting games await.

We'll also build colourful rockets with you. You'll be amazed how far they fly!

Help aliens to land by building a UFO lantern then use it on our space procession.

Infinite dimensions - create a never-ending watercolour galaxy.

Wow, what is that in the sky? Using just a spinning top, a paint spinner and lots of paint, we'll show you how centrifugal force works. We'll create some pretty cool centrifugal pictures in the process too.

Is that rubbish or should we keep it? Don't throw it away because there are so many objects and materials we can use to get creative. You'll soon have turned your old can or dishcloth into a whole race of aliens and other extraterrestrial creatures.

Visit the Moonstone Jewellery Factory and create magical things out of moonstone or design your own moonscape in our circus tent.

The Ozbots are programmed to follow the tracks you paint. Who will be the first to reach the finish?