Astronaut Fitness

Four large modules of the International Space Station are on show in the Orbitall Centre's Astronaut Training Hall. Alongside these attention-grabbing replicas, there is a range of test equipment, including swivel chairs, rotating discs, aerotrims and gym wheels.

The Space Travel Course will test your balance skills on shaky ground and enable you to find out if you are fleet-footed enough to cope with the unique conditions in outer space. To this end, try tackling the obstacle course with wide, heavy boots and see what it's like trying to move when there is reduced gravity. Along the way, you'll also learn a little Russian.

To be an astronaut you'll need to be comfortable with heights. Test your wits when climbing the crate tower right up to the FEZ roof. Who can make it all the way?

Astronauts also need their downtime. That's why we've set up a relaxation lounge for you to take a break from your galactic mission. So put your feet up and enjoy the "Hörspiel unter einem Sternenhimmel" audio play.

Test your balance on our slacklines and rope course.

Get on board the transport of the future in our multi-purpise hall. Featuring hoverboards, roller wheels and more.

If the weather allows, the "great pirate slide" will be out and ready to be tackled by budding astronauts. Who dares to brave the 6 metre drop?