For families with children aged 2+

Do The FEZ! In Space!

30th Space Weekend

All Aboard – To Space & Back!

The FEZ's very own Orbitall Space Centre - in conjunction with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and with the support of the DLR_School_Lab Berlin - are inviting you to one big weekend of space and astronomy for the whole family.

Do The FEZ! In Space! will bring you a feel for space travel and how it works straight to your fingertips. Interactive science shows and activities will demonstrate what it's like to embark on a space mission and what astronauts need to know before taking off. For the little ones, there'll be challenges to see how their bodies cope with the physics of outer space.

#SafetyFirst: To ensure everyone feels safe at this event, ticket sales are limited. The majority of our activities will take place outside. Regardless of whether your favourite activity is indoors or outdoors, we have plenty of space. With 100.000 m² in our outdoor area and 13.000 m² in the FEZ building, social distancing will not be an issue.

So let's start training and prepare for takeoff!

Please note that due to the current Covid-19 situation, tickets for each event are limited. Ticket sales are exclusively available online. In the event that any tickets remain unsold, these will be available to buy from the FEZ box office on the day.


There's so much for astronauts to learn before setting off on a mission. See for yourself by visiting the ResearchWORLD for prospective space explorers. more...

Film Planet

Paxi the little extraterrestrial (created by the European Space Agency) will be joining us on video. He'll explain our solar system, our moon, day & night, the tides, the planets and whether there is life on Mars. more...

Astronaut Training

To work on a spaceship as a commander, engineer or technician, you'll need to have good balance, be adept at dealing with weightlessness and have decent fine motor skills. more...

Stage Programme

A science show with "Astro-Egg on the way to space" and "Dirk the Erklärbär" taking you on a breathtaking journey across space. more...

10th Family Night on 26th September from 5pm

With the Berlin-wide Family Night starting in the FEZ, we're preparing for our guests to take off into a world of adventure centered around the topic of space.

Free entry


You'll need a vivid imagination and some good crafting skills as we create our own new worlds. Join the various rooms for a range of games and experiences where you'll create a whole range of objects associated with space. more...

LittlunsWORLD - Mini Astronaut Training

For children aged 1-5 years

It's not just the big kids who can train to become an astronaut. Our youngest space cadets can also test their space mission skils as they experiment, play discover and relax. more...

Opening Hours & Tickets

Sat 26th September, 12pm – 5pm
Sun 27th September, 12pm – 6pm

Day Ticket: €5.00
Families of 3+: €4.00 per person

There are a limited number of tickets available due to our Corona-related hygiene regulations.

Online Tickets

#SafetyFirst: Please Follow Our Hygiene Regulations

The health of our staff and our guests is of paramount importance. For that reason, we need your help. Please pay attention to our hygiene regulations and show consideration to your fellow guests. more...


  • German Aerospace Centre (DLR)
  • DLR_School_Lab Berlin
  • Tessloff Verlag
  • Campagames
  • Wissenschaft für Kids mit Tüftelfaktor

Escape To Freedom - Alice Museum For Children

An interactive exhibition for all the family. We invite you to join us on a quest for freedom. There are five escape rooms waiting to be explored - in each one a different freedom-based scenario. To solve the puzzles and win your freedom, you'll need teamwork, problem-solving skills and out-of-the-box thinking. more...

Astrid Lindgren Stage

Professor Lindenbroock and Arne Saggnusson are about to embark on some amazing adventures. They'll take you on research missions to the moon, the highest mountain in the world, into the belly of a giant whale and inside a volcano.
Erfreuliches Theater
Sat 26th and Sun 27th September at 3:30 pm on the Astrid Lindgren Stage, ages 6+, 60 minutes