For families with children aged 6 and up

Cars, Planes & Boats

The World Of Model Making

Model making associations and individual model makers will be in the FEZ on this weekend to show off the sheer diversity of model making. From planes, ships, railways, off-road RC-cars and trucks to steam engines, LEGO, cardboard models, car systems and replica cars.

An absolute must for all budding model makings and anyone who has always been fascinated by the subject.

Also featuring competitions, children's games and craft activities for little ones.


An indoor flying area measuring 8m by 11m is the perfect location for the PMC Eggersdorf model building club to present everything you might want to know about model helicopters. Including the chance to try out a flight simulator!

Ships, Boats & Cutters

You don't need to head out to sea to be fascinated by everything from speed boats to submarines. Simply pop into the FEZ!

Shipping Show In The Pool

The 50m FEZ Pool is the location for a showcase of aquatic models presented by various ship model makers. Cast-off is at 6pm on Sat 22nd February with the show expected to last 3 hours.

Steam Engines, Hot Air Engines & Turbines

Here you'll experience the finest precision mechanics. Marvel at how fire and water can propel objects at high speeds.

RC Off-Road

Sticks and stones must be navigated. Sometimes up and sometimes down but always exciting!

Trucks, Construction Vehicles & Fire Engines

In real life these vehicles come with a lot of added features for tackling emergencies or working on a building site. And there's no reason these features shouldn't be included in their model equivalents!

Miniature Model Making

A little smaller and a little more intricate. Makers of miniature models are on hand to show off their designs.

Plastic Models

A variety of models from the Hans Grade model club. One thing unites all of them - each is constructed out of plastic.

Cardboard Models

Just how versatile paper and card can be in model making is something that the Mitteldeutsche Karton Verlag will show you. Expect beauty. Expect variety.

Accompanying Programme

Games and crafts for children aged 6 and up featuring planes, boats, Lego, cars and trains.


Marketplace for model railways and cars:
Sat 22nd February, 12pm - 5pm

Marketplace for radio technology and electronics:
Sun 23rd February, 10am - 4pm

Tickets & Opening Hours

Sat 22nd February, 12pm - 6pm
Sun 23rd February, 10am - 6pm

Day Ticket: €5.00 per person
Families of 3+: €4.00 per person

Includes children's museum, indoor play area and cinema. Some additional material costs may apply.

Online Ticket

Orbitall Ticket: €6,50 per person (Includes Day Ticket)
Theatre Ticket: €6.00 to €10.50 per person (Includes Day Ticket)