For families with children aged 2-12

Build @ Do The FEZ!

Building sites can hold a special fascination for children and now it's their turn to see one at close quarters. Whether it's wallpapering the wall, sawing timber or building a brick wall.

It might sound like work to some, but for our FEZ guests, it's pure adventure for the whole family!

For Families with children aged 2 to 12. Do The FEZ!


Little builders (for children aged 1 to 5)
A whole kingdom just for our very youngest guests! In LittlunsWORLD our mini builders can play, jump around and experiment to their hearts' content. more..


FEZ construction site with mini diggers
If you need a house building, then it's best to ask us kids. Stone by stone, brick by brick, it'll soon be ready. more...


Slackline, acrobatics & mini football pitch
In SportWORLD you'll learn to train body and soul. Take a little skill, a good amount of fitness and a dash of bravery. more...


Take a break!
It's not just the tomato fish, parrots and turtles that live in GreenWORLD. This is also where builders come to relax and get close to nature. more...


Create a work of art! 
With a little imagination, you'll be amazed at what you can make with your hands. more...


With a wide array of stone and wooden blocks
Your imagination is the only limit as you dive into a world of construction. more...



Orbitall Space Centre*

Undertake a breathtaking flight across the universe, discovering new planets and experiencing the beauty of space as you go. Take your first steps on the journey to becoming an astronaut yourself with an astronaut training course.
*To visit the Orbitall Space Centre, the "Orbitall Ticket" is required.

Flight time: 4:30 pm

#SafetyFirst: Please Note Our Hygiene Guidelines

The health of our guests and our employees is our top priority. Therefore, we need your help. Please be considerate of others and support us by following the hygiene rules in place for Build @ Do The FEZ! more...

New Exhibition In The Alice Museum For Children

Sat 5th + Sun 6th September
For families with children aged 10+

A real-time interactive adventure
With five different escape rooms, your team be up against the clock to solve tricky puzzles and discover more about the notion of freedom. Should I always follow the expectations of others? Will the chip in my brain really make me happy? Would I have the courage to always report the truth if I were a journalist? The concept of freedom is not always so clear. This is where our teams come in: only when each member gets involved will you make a successful bid for freedom. Take a close look and make of note of every detail. You never know if it might come in useful in your quest to escape before the time runs out. 

2-hour games start at 12:30 pm / Tickets must be bought in advance

Open-Air Theatre & Concerts

On the Water Stage for the whole family!

Pippi Longstocking
St 29th August, 6:30 am
Ich & Herr Meyer
Sun 30th August, 10:30 am 

ATZE Musiktheater with Oma Nolte and other hits
Sat 5th September, 6:30 pm
Pippi Longstocking
Sun 6th September, 10:30 am

Opening Hours & Tickets

Sat 29th+ Sun 30th August 
Sat 5th + Sun 6th September 
from 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Day Ticket: €5.00 per person
Families of 3+: €4.00 per person
Online Tickets

Museum Ticket: €6.50
Families of 3+: €5.00 per person
(includes Day Ticket)

Orbitall Ticket: €6.50
Families of 3+: €5.00 per person
(includes Day Ticket)

Theatre Ticket: €9.50
Families of 3+: €7.50 per person
Theatre tickets must be bought online