23rd Puppet Theatre Festival

Big Family Weekend on 23rd and 24th November 2019

Sponsor: Christian Bahrmann, TV presenter with KiKANiNCHEN

Dear fans of puppet theatre,

It's finally here! In the FEZ Berlin, the most amazing adventures will be told and dreams will be brought to life. Come and join me for puppet theatre in all its colours, its hilarious, crazy, exciting and sometimes sad stories, its fascinating characters and its magical atmosphere. There are over 100 productions to chosse from on 25 stages all set up across the FEZ building.

With your parents, your siblings and your friends, you'll discover how a cricket prepares for winter, how paper is brought to life, why 4 friends are heading to Bremen, why you need a tiny race of creatures called Wimpernzwerge and how geese's feet learn to walk. Look forward to greeting characters such as Pettson and Findus, Kasper and many more. Listen to their stories and let yourself be carried away into the wonderful world of puppet theatre. Of course, there is also the opportunity to take part yourself and get creative.

I can't wait to be back in the FEZ to meet you and perform for you!
Christian Bahrmann
KiKANiNCHEN – Puppentheater Prenzlkasper

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The Festival Weekend

Build, invent and act!

  • Creative area
  • Interactive stages
  • New: Get active!
    Activities to get moving in the multi-purpose hall

Niyar – A Paper Tale

Sat 23rd November, 8:00 pm, Exclusive Evening Production

A poetic journey that begins on a mountain of scrunched up paper. An artist is never satisfied with her ideas and with every discarded idea, the mountain of paper gets a little higher. What happens when...? more...

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Productions For Kindergartens & Schools

The Little Polar Bear

Recommended for ages 4 years and up


Lars the little polar bear wants nothing more than to set out on an adventure across the wider world. When he finds a crate, his game is brought to a sudden close when it snaps shut. more...

Gordon & Tapir

Recommended for ages 3+


Gordon the penguin is order personified. Unfortunately, he lives with the tapir who is the exact opposite. Tapir is completely at home with chaos and it's no surprise when arguments begin. more...



Schedule For The 23rd Puppet Theatre Festival


Tues 19th to Fri 22nd November
Productions For Kindergartens & Schools


Sat 23rd + Sun 24th November
The Family Weekend


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Opening Hours & Tickets

Sat 23rd November, 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm (Doors open at 11:30 am)
Sun 24th November, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
(Doors open at 9:30 am)

Day Ticket: €12.00 per person
Families of 3+: €9.50 per person
Includes children's muesum and material costs

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How does the Puppet Theatre Festival work?

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