The 1st Festival of Sustainability for Children & Families

Mitwelt Festival

Let's get sustainable!
Mitwelt in German refers to a person's surroundings and without living sustainably, our 'Mitwelt'will be irreversibly damaged. That's where this festival comes in. Discover differnt forms of sustainability. Tell your own stories and do your bit for the world.
Along the way there's lots for the kids to do: play, relax, move, sing, enjoy, read, research, experiment and splash your way to a better undestanding of environmental protection. Also featuring performances, fun activities, a bazaar, walks, play areas, workshops, story-telling, DIY sustainability, campfires, delicacies to taste, beach, lake, forest, Eco Garden and sunshine (hopefully).

And if that's not enough:
Listen to key participants and success stories in the battle for environmental protection in the Mitwelt Café.

The Good Life

Modern sports in the fresh air, children and parent yoga, family wellness, body jewellery, poi performances, tasty vegan food, healthy fast food, cooking and baking, discovering the power of herbs, nutritional coaching for and well-being for everyone!

Bazaar of Clever Inventions

Presenting start-ups, school businesses and successful companies that promote sustianable consumption, healthy living and an environmentally friendly daily routine. Also featuring workshops and tips to do it yourself.

A Relationship With Our Environment

Build a positive relationship with nature with 'land art' experiments, 'forest bathing', communcal circle dances, music workshops in honour of the water and other elements, a 'sharing board', mini rainforest and tomato fish. Curious?

Do Something Good

New models of high-quality, sustainable and practical education with extra-curricular associations, institutions and high-profile names from the world of climate change and global learning.

Action For Happines

Activities that people can do to spread joy and happiness. What can I do, how should I do it and where? Become an ambassador for compassion and join the ministry of merriment...

Music & Games

Music and dance performed by musicians known for their environmental awareness, workshops on the topic of climate change, plastic in the oceans, recycling, upcycling, puppets and traditional games…

Mitwelt Cinema & Café

Films about success, a message from Alexander Gerst and nature-related fairy tales…
Good news about social change, interviews, talk shows, talks by festival participants, 'room of controversy'… 

Opening Hours & Tickets

Mitwelt Festival

Sat 10th August
12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Sun 11th August
12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Day Ticket: €5.00
Families of 3 or more: €4.00 per person

Online Ticket