Fairy Tales @ Do The FEZ!

Of Dragons, Fairy Tales & Wonderous Worlds

In ancient times animals and people lived happily side-by-side. There was no shortage of food because the Earth was still young and offered everything needed to live. So all creatures, all beings were without a care in the world... until a huge dragon emerged from the sea... The dragon moved into a nearby cave and immediately set about hunting. Suddenly the animals and the people were in danger. Some brave people managed to lay a sleeping shrub into the dragon's lair, sending the creature into a deep sleep. The knights of the town used the time wisely, training themselves up, testing their nerves and improving their skills. When the time came, they would prove to be worthy adversaries for the dragon. 

Do The FEZ! will take you on an amazing journey across Europe, Asia and South America. You'll encounter dragons, hear stories of brave knights and get to know fairy tales from many cultures. We invite you to come along and dive into this wonderful fantasy world.


(for children aged 1 to 5)

Take a trip into the kingdom of the littluns. Our mini FEZers can experiment, play, discover, jum around and hear stories to their hearts' content. more...


Once upon a time... That's how most fairy tales begin. In the FEZ, you can dive straight into once upon a time and become part of these fantasy worlds. more...


SportWORLD is the place where brave knights and villagers hone their skills and improve their fitness. Only then will they be ready to take on dangerous dragons and more modern monsters. more...


It's not magic, it's down solely to craftwork! With a creative mind and a few artistic skills, you can make some amazing fairy-tale-inspired objects here. more...

Alice Museum For Children

Escape To Freedom - An interactive real-time adventure (ages 10+)
From 12pm, there will be a guided tour of the exhibition every hour.
Families must work together in a team to solve tricky puzzles in five exciting escape rooms. Along the way, you'll come across many different ideas about the concept of freedom. You'll have to examine everything closely - every little detail may be crucial if you are to escape in the allotted time. more...

Opening Hours & Tickets

Sat 9th + Sun 10th November, 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Sat 16th + Sun 17th November 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Day Ticket: €4.00 per person
Families of 3+: €3.50 per person
Includes indoor play area, children's museum, cinema and material costs.

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