Build @ Do The FEZ!

Discover the builder in you

A huge interactive play construction site awaits you on these two weekends. It's your chance to put your building and craft skills to the test. Whether sawing, decorating, building bridges or digging, come and jump into the world of construction and let your creativity run wild.
Building sites can hold a special fascination for children and now it's their turn to experience them at close quarters. Learn to put wallpaper on the walls, try your hand at sawing in the wood building area or fight against gravity as you attempt to build a bridge that you can walk across yourself. If you want to get active then you can stack crates on top of each other and then climb up, you can help load the model railway or you can visit SPORTworld and take on the huge pirate slide. More sedate options include a boat ride and a marble run. As usual, we also have a creativity corner. This time, you can design your own dream catchers and mandalas.
No matter whether your chosen activity requires you to don a builders' helmet or not, a whole range of adventures await the whole family in the FEZ.
Once you've paid for your day ticket, you can try out as many construction activities as you want. Everything's included!

So pick up your tools and let's get going!


Little builders (for children aged 1 to 5)
A whole kingdom just for our very youngest guests! In LittlunsWORLD our mini builders can play, jump around and experiment to their hearts' content. more..


Let's build a house! Stone by stone, brick by brick. The children will get it done. more..


In SportWORLD you'll learn to train body and soul. Take a little skill, a good amount of fitness and a dash of bravery and you'll be ready to try new things and discover new talents. more..


Green, green green, all my clothes are green... It's not just the tomato fish, parrots and turtles that live in GreenWORLD. This is also where builders come to relax and get close to nature. more..


No it's not magic, it's just great craftsmanship. With a little imagination, you'll be amazed at what you can make with your hands. So come and design, create and build some amazing works of art. more..


Before you get going, take a look at how you might be able to build it. What do I need to do so that it stays up and works? more..

New Exhibition In The Alice Museum For Children

Sat 7th + Sun September
Every hour from 12pm, there will be a guided tour of the exhibition.

Families with children aged 10 and up are invited to form teams and set about escaping! With five different escape rooms, you'll be up against the clock to solve tricky puzzles and discover more about the notion of freedom. Take a close look and make of note of every detail. You never know if it might come in useful in your quest to escape before the time runs out. more..

Opening Hours & Tickets

Sat 31st August + Sun 1st September | 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Includes Eco Island, indoor play area, boat rental and material costs

Sat 7th September + Sun 8th September | 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Includes children's museum, Eco Island, indoor play area, boat rental and material costs

Day Ticket: €4.00 | Families of 3+: €3.50 per person

Online Ticket

Orbitall Space Centre*

Sat 7th + Sun 8th September
Flight time: 4:30 pm

Undertake a breathtaking flight across the universe, discovering new planets and experiencing the beauty of space as you go. Take your first steps on the journey to becoming an astronaut yourself with an astronaut training course.

*To visit the Orbitall Space Centre, the "Orbitall Ticket" is required.

Studio Stage*

Sat 7th + Sun 8th September, at 3:00 pm

Every single time! As soon as firefighter Wasserhose and his team sit down for their coffee, the alarm goes. People and puppets tell the story of the hard-working firefighters who never manage to enjoy their coffee while it's still hot.
Ages 3+, 45 minutes, unreserved seating

*To visit this production, the "Theatre Ticket" is required.