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Berlin Orchestra Meetup

Festival for Amateur Musicians

On 25th and 26th May, you have the chance to sample the best of Berlin's amateur musicians and ensembles in the FEZ Berlin. Among the 50 groups and 1400 musicians are symphony orchestras, chamber orchestras, big bands, brass ensembles, string orchestras, accordion orchestras as well as open ensembles and a range of children's musical groups. Accompanying these performances are a range of workshops organised by the Berlin State Academy of Music. These workshops will provide children and their families the chance to make their own music. Unusual instruments from the depths of the Acadmey will be available to try, you can make your own instruments out of recycled material and relax to the sounds of the 'hat salon'.

This will be the biggest orchestra meetup to date in the history of the Berlin State Academy of Music. Alongside the musical performances by the amateur musicians on the Foyer Stage and in the concert halls, there will be a competition for youth orchestras with a unique prize from the Deutsche Orchesterstiftung at stake. Even if your ensemble is not involved, you can still appear in front of the jury, get tips or simply listen to the other groups.

Programme Highlights

A special highlight is the open reheasel with Vladimir Jurowski, the chief conductor and artistic director of the Rundfunk Symphony Orchestra Berlin. Sure to be an exciting opportunity for all visitors, let alone any budding musicians who can join in with the professionals as they play "Suite for Jazz Orchestra" by Dmitri Shostakovich. The rehearsal takes place from 5:30 pm on 25th May.
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Berlin State Music Council

The Berlin State Music Council (Landesmusikrat) organises the Berlin Orchestra Meetup every four years to promote the music of amateur musicians and select the entrants for the German Orchestra Competition which will take place in Bonn next year. It's also a great opportunity for netwroking between the city's many musicians and ensembles.

Read more about the programme by visiting the Berliner Landesmusikrat website.

Opening Hours & Programme

Sat 25th + Sun 26th May | 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Free entry

Concert programme as a PDF:
Performances on Sat & Sun

Workshops & How to Register

Anybody can register for the workshops organised by the Berlin State Academy of Music.

  • Meet the conductors with Ralf Sochaczewsky
  • Conducting for lead players and other players with Thomas Lamp
  • A healthy and problem-free musical routine with Anja Freytag
  • Feldenkrais for musicians with Cornelia Michalek
  • Studio recordings and a look into microphones with Benjamin Ostarek
  • The ABC of funding programmes – how to fund amateur groups and ensembles with Gerhard Schwab

Accompanying Workshops

  • Promoting networking between international youth orchestras: the jeunesses:ensemble programme with Nicola Bodenstein-Polito
  • Overcoming stage fright and pre-performance butterflies with Prof. Dr. Helmut Möller
  • Making music with ease: the Alexander technique for musicians with Michael Benter
  • Oriental improvisation with Rani Elias
  • Care tips for woodwind and brass instruments with Hanno Braun
  • Care tips for string instruments with Ulrike Barchet and Tabea Krah
  • Showing stage presence and staying calm – breathing techniques in association with playing instruments with Hella Prockat

  • Rehearsal recording – microphone information for the stage with Benjamin Ostarek
  • Soundpainting with Sabine Vogel
  • Copyright and exploitation laws. Legal questions relating to amateur ensembles with Christlieb Klages, RA

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