Adventures Of Do The FEZ!

On your marks, get set, go!

For children aged 2 to 12

Thurs 30th + Fri 31st May and Sat 8th, Sun 9th, Mon 10th + Tues 11th June

Visit the FEZ and dive into a world brimming with fantasy and adventure. A world of action, energy and entertainment. A world of fun on dry land, on water and in the air. With a whole host of exciting expeditions, special treasure hunts and activites for big and small, an unforgettable experience awaits the whole family. So show off your skills, try something new, put your courage to the test and discover new strengths.

From the programme:

  • Bow and arrows, build-your-own play area, retro sport Olympics
  • Build with Kapla®, Tukluk® and Quadro®
  • Get the ball rolling on the giant marble run
  • Unique treasure hunts
  • Various creative activities
  • Discover what it's like to be a knight in the arena
  • Be a hero as you complete the obstacle course
  • Cast off with our pirates
  • Mission space: find out about the planets in the Orbitall Space Centre
  • Children's interactive circus
  • Slacklining, trampoline, pedalos, hoverboards, scooters & co
  • Sail away on the "FEZ sea"
  • Take a tumble down the 12-metre pirate slide
  • Build and test out marble tracks
  • Make your own play area
  • Build your own water play area
  • Bobby car tracks, obstacle course and indoor play area

    Adventures For Littluns

    This is the space for our youngest guests to experiment, play, jump around and listen to stories.

    Adventure Play Area

    Create your own private adventures and let your imagination run wild!

    Sporty Adventures

    Come to this area to train both body and soul!

    Green Adventures

    Green, green, green... all my clothes are green.

    Enjoy Green Adventures on the Eco Island, where you will use all your senses to learn how to eat healthily and sustainably. In doing so, you'll discover some magical examples of nature, including tomato fish, a mini rainforest and the succulent plant house.

    Creative Adventures

    Here you'll need to combine your brain's imagination with the work of your hands!

    Who has dreamed of creating their own city? A city full of skyscrapers, tunnels, houses and futuristic vehicles. Visit our cardboard world and use the materials to create something special that brings your imagination to life.

    Orbitall Space Adventures*

    Take a breathtaking flight across the universe, discover new planets and become an astronaut yourself. Prepare for a mission with our astronaut training programme and experience the stunning beauty of outer space.
    Flight times: 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
    *An "Orbitall Ticket" is required to visit the space centre.

    Astrid Lindgren Stage*

    The Astrid Lindgren Stage opens the world of theatre to children, spellbound by the adventure, fantasy, music and poetry on show. With a capacity of 550, visitors can enjoy all manner of theatrical productions and concerts. more...

    *A theatre ticket is required to visit the productions of the Astrid Lindgren Stage.

    Opening Hours & Tickets

    Thurs 30th + Fri 31st May
    Sat 8th + Sun 9th June
    Mon 10th + Tues 11th June
    12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

    Please note: event will take place indoors in case of rain

    Day Ticket: €4.00
    Families of 3 or more: €3.50 per person
    includes material costs, indoor play area, boat rental and Eco Island 

    Online Ticket

    Programme subject to change!